Poll: Can you trust your boxer off-lead?

Can you trust your boxer off-lead?

  • Yes

    Votes: 36 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 66 61.1%
  • I don't know

    Votes: 6 5.6%

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Boxer Buddy
I can not trust Jax enough---He knows how to open our screen

door and has escaped more than once-----he goes hog wild --we

have to keep the doors shut at all times

Now with Beethoven--- you could drop the leash over his back

and he would stay by you---but with out it he would take off too


Your Friendly Moderator
I would love nothing more than to have a Boxer Camp and train and work with Boxers for the rest of my days. What a joy THAT would be! So, come on down!! You're the next contestant at Battling Boxer Camp!!

PS: Bring your own pup tent!! Sounds like some of you may be in camp for quite a while !! :D :D


Boxer Buddy
Max will probably never be off a lead while outside as long as he lives (may it be long) - I just don't get it - he is perfect in every way and is trained and knows darn well that he's not supposed to take off - but take off he does at the first sign of an unattended door, it doesn't happen often and it's terrifying when it does because he doesn't come back until he's good and ready. When we walk in the woods I can take his leash off and he will run along beside us and come back when called (mostly - he's got to have those 5 or 10 minutes where we chase him). Shay is not as bad, but has a tendency to run first and listen later. Shelly does not need a lead, she's a real lady and listens and stays where she is supposed to.


Boxer Buddy
I've got two who would probably run if let off lead. Kobo used to get out and run like crazy, especially if we chased her. I've found that if I just sit down in front of the house she will stay in eye sight and come back when she gets the freedom out of her system. Kiki doesn't try to run likr Kobo does, but I'm not sure if he'd come when we called him, especially if distracted by another dog.


I said no because I don't fully trust either one of them should another dog or a cat or even a kid catch their eye! However if we are out where I know they are not going to get hit by a car then yes I can trust them to run and play off-lead...but in general no, I just don't take the chance.


Boxer Buddy
I voted "no" but Roxanne is free to roam our property. We taught her the boundaries as a puppy and she's pretty good about staying in them. I say pretty good because she has wondered off on a handful of occasions. Luckily we live in a wooded area and she always went away from the road. Since the last episode we have been extremely careful about watching her. She will not run off if you're watching. Just last week she was in the yard and two deer ran across in front of her and up in the woods. Needless to say, she took off after them but when she reach her boundary, she stopped on a dime. I was so proud. I didn't even have a chance to open my mouth to yell for her. She came back to me with a smile as if to say, "See Mom, I'm a good girl!". And I told her as much!


Boxer Pal
Dany is Trustworthy

I have two boxers. Dany and Boris. Dany is 1 1/2. Boris 3mos. I had Dany advanced obedience trained. The guy who trained her is wonderful with animals. I can walk Dany off-lead with the heel command in the most distracting areas and she won't stray. Or if we are outside in the front yard or at the park, all I have to do is call her or give her the hand signal command and she returns. What I have noticed though, since she is easliy excitable, is to brush up on her commands for about 3 minutes before I let her off lead. When I do that, no matter how excited she is off lead she obeys all commands. I'll be training Boris myself, but already he returns when I call for him.


Boxer Booster
I voted yes, but that yes is conditional. I can trust him off lead 95% of the time. He's very much a meet & greet dog. If he sees another dog he has to be the first to run up and meet & greet it. If I let him in the yard to do his business he's always on the cable run. We have a lot of rabbits and squirrels and critters around and if he sees one he'll be off after it and I won't take a chance that he'll chase it into the road.
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