Please post weight and age of your dog

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Hercules- 4 yrs old & approx 62lbs....Head of the Household
Kuma the siberian- 3 yrs old & approx 72lbs...He's a lover, not a fighter!

razi boy

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Ok, It looks like my male at 6.5 months 38 lbs is just as big as females his age. The males his age are so much bigger than him. Why is this? He wasn't the runt. Oh well, hopefully he doesn't have a complex about this. Still cuttest boxer at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park.
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KazzMan said:
Jackson, M, 2yrs 2 mo, 65lbs pure muscle
Autumn, F, 2yrs 3 mo, 55lbs lil chubby

Jackson sounds like Sapphire. She's 2yrs and a couple months and 49.2 lbs and all muscles.
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