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I know I may get flamed for this but I am asking for help/advice. My Halle was 2 years old in October. I have been through so much with this dog. I got her 12/02 when she was about 12 weeks old. She has had behavioral problems since I got her. I have had patience with her. I first had an in home trainer come for several weeks to my home. That was $600.00. About a year later I had to kennel her for 2 weeks while I was out of town. I had a trainer that worked there work with her for those 2 weeks plus an additional 2 weeks while she was there. That was $500.00. Neither of those did any good. She is house trained but she still jumps on people and pees when strangers pet her. I don't care about any of that or her other problems. She is my child and I love her no matter what other people say about her...and they all say I need to get rid of her. During the day while I work she is outside in a large 10 foot by 10 foot kennel, then when I get home at 5:30 PM she comes inside with me and sleeps in my bed etc. She is my baby literally.
I am going into the police academy in April and have to move home with my parents to afford it. They do not want her in their home but I begged and said I would take her to a doggie daycare while I'm in school and then I'd be home with her at night, even though I so do not have money for that, I'd charge it.
So I come home from work today and find Halle on my front screen porch. The little girls from across the street come running over saying "Halle got out! Halle got out!" First I can't believe she got out, second I can't believe they actually caught her!
So my situation is, I am at my wit's end. I feel like I have tried everything with her and have gone above and beyond, and in the end, I am apparently just not able to provide her with the home she needs. I was looking for friends or relatives who would take her for me for the 6 months I would be in the academy, but now I think I just need to find her a good permanent home.
So I am asking you guys' opinions or if there is anyone out there who might want to take the most wonderful thing in my life for me. Yes I am crying as I type this and as I watch her sleeping on my bed from the exhaustion of her day. Thanks for reading this, Christina


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Can you contact a local Boxer Rescue Group to help evaluate and place her? That would be your best bet by far, if you insist on going this route.

Good luck


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you know, the peeing thing is being submissive...and he jumping thing is excited to see people. They can both be solved by ignoring the behaviour.

Are you sure no one let her out of her kennel?


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Shes still only a baby!

Submissive wee will stop on its own, just excitment.

As regards jumping up. You need to go back to basics. When she jumps step back and command "sit". When she does [and she will eventually] give her a treat and praise. If she jumps up and down like a ping pong ball, ignore her until she begins to settle and you really do HAVE to ignore her. Dont let her see you are agitated, no matter what she does. You wont do this overnight, it takes time. Repitition is the key to a well behaved dog. At the end of the day a trainer can "train" a dog but you as the owner need to be doing the training too.

Because she is big you tend to forget how young she really is, 2 is nothing for a Boxer. She will settle down, dont give up on her!


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Don't give up!

I really, really, feel for you and your situation. And I promise - by mo means- am I trying to "flame" you. I can tell by the emotion in your post that you love your baby. You just need to remember that she is YOUR BABY. I completely agree with Littlepaddin - have faith that your Halle will start to calm a bit as she gets older and have faith that you can help to facilitate that process with proper handling. You can be grateful that Halle doesn't have aggression issues and instead shows submissiveness with her excited pee. In terms of jumping on people - welcome to my world!! In addition to what Littlepaddin suggested, you might try keeping her on a leash when you have company and giving her small corrections when she goes to jump. Training is a process with these little ones. Perfection can't be expected in a two-year-old pup - especially not with short stints of professional training that aren't complimented with consistent, every-day work in the home.

It sounds like you had a plan worked out (doggie day care) before she "escaped" from her kennel. Is there any way you might be able to revisit that option? You might also want to consider crate training her if you haven't already. I have found that my baby feels safe, secure and happy in her "house" - and I believe she is a better dog because of it! I know it helps me be a better Mommy because I know she is safe and staying out of trouble!

I know that we all need to live our lives, but our boxers love us so much and become so attached to us that it is terribly unfair not to exhaust every option to keep her with you. I just keep thinking that you must love her so much, to even consider giving her away must eat you up inside! I'm sorry for this choice you have to make, but just look in those big eyes and listen to your heart. If you truly believe that she would have a better life without you that is the only thing that should prompt you to remove her from the only home she has ever known. You will both be in my prayers - I'm so sorry for this very difficult decision you have to make. Hang in there!


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There is someone out there that would love her!

First congratulations for being accepted into the police academy! I had hoped my youngest daughter would have gone that route, but she has her own road to pave. Regarding your 2 year old. Alexandria still gets excited and jumps around in pure love when we open the front door. I remember from the trainer, that you must give her the needed attention up front. We take about 3-5 minutes to talk, scratch or what ever attention she needs. We haven't even taken off our coats yet! And you know what, we enjoy meeting her as much as she loves greeting us. What ever stressful day we had, she makes us smile at her paperclip bends, twist and funny wiggles. Once we have spent that few few minutes, she settles right down.
As far as the puddle problems, be patient and ensure she goes out to pee and praise her with small treats. If you know company is coming, take her out before they come. When you guest arrive, have her on a lead and give her the command to sit when the door is open (have treats in your hand). Tell you guest that you are practicing answering the door with your dog. It sounds silly, but our trainer recommended it. Allow your guest to give the command to continue sitting and have them give her a treat. Once done, praise her! She will be excited but tell her the command "Settle". She'll get use to have visitors come in and hopefully not jump on them. Don't be afraid of using your harsh voice especially if there are small children around. Alexandria knows I mean business when I say "OFF". Then I give her the command to sit, I hold her by the collar and allow small ones to pet her. She still wiggles, but they children are not as afraid. Then everyone laughs when Alexandria gives out her free kisses!
Now, regarding your situation with what to do with your boxer when you are at the academy. You could put up a post to everyone here on the forum and see if there is anyone nearby to assist you. If you are serious about keeping her after you finish your academy time, you will make things work out. If we were back in the states, I would volunteer to house her!


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It sounds like your problems are actually kind of minor(not to make what you're going through seem likes its nothing, not my intent at all)....the jumping, well, we've all *been there, done that*...I'm still doing it, and what seems to work best for me, is that when someone new (or old) meets Herkie, we just don't acknowledge him at all....that's what he wants when he's jumping. We don't look, speak...anything. And adjusts VERY quickly and realizes that he's not getting what he wants by jumping. As far as the peeing goes...I really don't have anything to offer there...I have no experience with that. But is it possible that you put the word out here on BW...that someone could foster her for the 6 months(?) that you'll be at your parents. You could still pay for her food, and vet care like you would anyway, and I'm sure they would allow you to visit. There have been many of us who've had setbacks with our animals...and I would truly hate that you give up on her too soon. It's obvious that you care for her very much, and want to do what's right for her. So, please consider all your options before you give her up. Good Luck..and congrats on the police academy.


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Sorry, this is my first time posting anything. I have been looking at this site for a couple of months now. I was wondering if you are going to be putting any pictures on for us to look at.
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