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Please Help With University Study on Kibble vs BARF!

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by Tam319, Dec 4, 2001.

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  1. Tam319

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    Nov 20, 2001
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    Please Help With University Study on BARF vs Kibble!

    Beginning in January my friend and I will be devising an experiment regarding feeding BARF vs kibble and the effects on puppy development as well as improvement in dogs with allergies and other digestive conditions. This hypothetical experiment is part of my Veterinary Biomedical Sciences 3rd year class at University of Saskatchewan and will be evaluated by our professors/vets. We require any and all information that you may have from your personal experience with BARF and/or kibble. For example:

    Where are you located (country)?
    What are your dogs ages and breeds?
    What do you currently feed your dog(s)? Why?
    If you do feed BARF, when did you begin (at what age and for how long) and why?
    What changes have you noticed in your dog since you began BARF?
    Do you feed commercially prepared BARF or make it yourself?
    If you make it yourself, what is your routine/recipe?
    Have you ever raised a litter of puppies on kibble?
    Have you ever raised a litter of puppies on BARF?
    How did you find the growth and development of BARF fed pups as opposed to kibble-fed pups?
    Are there any resources or websites that you found particularly helpful in your decision to feed kibble or BARF?
    Are you satisfied with the results of your chosen diet?

    ANY information and your personal experience is useful to us! Thanks for helping us better understand the science behind the feeding our much-loved boys and girls.

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to help us in planning our experiment!

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