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Hi everyone,
I'm just looking for a bit of advice really.......
I have a gorgeous 21month old boxer dog called Caesar, he's really friendly & loves to play with all other dogs. His training is coming on really well, but still a work in progress. I have been teaching the drop it/leave it/ Caesar come, heavily since last october more than ever as he stole a ball when playing & swallowed it, resulting in a major stomach op to remove it. Yesterday, he did the same thing again after playing really well with some friends for about 90mins.....another friend of his joined him, had a ball, dropped it infront of him, & within less than a minuite he had chewed it & swallowed it whole. I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! To say I'm feeling gutted, doesn't even begin to cover how I'[m feeling tbh.
He's come through his 2nd op today really well & I'm determined that there isn't going to be a 3rd!!!
This means that I'm going to have to muzzle him from now on when out on the field off lead. What I really am looking for are some tips on which muzzles seem to be best for a boxer as there are so many on the market & so many people complain about poor fittings etc...
Any advice would be gratefully recieved, thanks in advance.

Off to see my boy now for a load of cuddles I hope....I hear hes come round well & looking bright as a button!!


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Well I seem to be consistently the "bad dog" here but you asked! :) You need to protect your dog from bad experiences! To me gulping a ball is a bad experience!

You need to protect your dog from bad experiences, you can control his environment, you can't control other people and what they do! The easiest simplest and best solution is quit putting him around other dogs and no more balls in his environment!

My dogs are for me and my family, they don't need play dates, they never had behavior issues that I had to fix because they got rolled or attacked by dog park or I thought " he was friendly folks".

If you want specific anti ball gulping, in an uncontrolled environment advise, I'll bow out. I have never seen "that" behavior before myself? But for me sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! :)


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A basket muzzle would probably be best! I would want him to wear it whenever he was out of the house. You never know where someone might have left a ball lying around.
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