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Sorry guys. I exceeded my file limit at my website and they shut me down.

I now have a new URL for pictures of my girls. The URL is:

Sorry if anyone has been trying to access the pics and couldn't do so. This should work well for now. I will be re-doing the page and updating with new pics very soon.

Thanks everyone!!!

Well, I slapped up a quick and dirty page of pictures of Susie and Maggie so you all can see my little girls together. Hope you enjoy them.

I'll re-do the whole website when I get a little more time and things get a little better settled herer. Thanks again for all your love and support for Susie and Maggie.


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She's sooooo cute! I'm in lovicon I am so happy for you and envius as well! I want a puppy! :(


Dude!!! You have two gorgeous dogs! Maggie is so big! And Susie has that beautiful pristine white coat I love! They look like they will do just fine... what fun you three will have!


Dan...They are Beautiful, Congrats

partyicon What beautiful boxers they are...I'd say they seem to do great after just a day...Love the eating tables too. Enjoy and Please keep us all posted on more great pictures. Hope you get sleepicon tonight (smile)


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Beautiful Girls

What wonderful photo's :) It looks as if Susie and Maggie are going to be the best of friends in no time :D Thanks for getting the pics up so quickly Dan.



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Oh Dan they are gorgeous!! It looks to me in these pics that they are going to be the best of friends! Both of your girls are beautiful, even hubby says so! Wow! Maggie has grown so much I can't believe it. Thanks for sharing.



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What great photos! If Maggie is insecure about Susie, she sure doesn't show it in the photos. I think she already is starting to love having a sister to wrestle and nap with.

They are quite the pair! :) You're a lucky Dad, but I think you already know that!

Lava Linda

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Too cute for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a happy pair of pups!!! Maggie does look like she's already in love with her new sister. They're a stunning pair! Good luck getting down a sidewalk with the two of them....everyone will stop you to say how beautiful they are!

Now that you're committed, I should warn you. Having two boxers is overwhelming at times. You can't get anything done because they're too damn cute! ;)

I wish you all the best. Those are some lucky boxers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great Pictures

Thanks Dan, what great pictures. Maggie and Susie look like they belong together. I think you need to "grow" a bigger lap though!

Congratulations! They are both too adorable for words.


P.S. Hubby wants to know what kind of digital camera you have.


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I would say that they are buds already. Great to see that they are adjusting. I love your tablecloths on their eating tables!
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