Picky Boxer Question

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I have a 5 month old Boxer girl who is eating pedigree puppy food mixed with pedigree canned puppy food. She is commpletely uninterested in her food, she would rather eat my 2 year old's food which is just pedigree kibble. Is five months to soon to switch her to dog kibble mixed with canned puppy food? She likes the canned puppy not the puppy kibble. Any ideas?

Eddie's mom

I think that it would be fine to feed your 5 month old the same food as your 2 year olds. I had to do the same thing. When Rosie was about 4 months old she wanted Eddie's food. The vet said it was fine. I have also read in magazines and on here that it was fine.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Sounds like Tyson, he would rather have Moose's food rather than his own. The grass is always greener! I just mix a little of the adult food in with Tysons puppy food, this seems to make him happy.


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Interesting question. We had to put Kiki on a diet so he's getting Science Diet lite, Kob seems to have a sensitive stomach so we put her on "sensitive stomach". You got it, he eats hers and she eats his and hers.
He's 91 pounds and needs to shed about 15 lbs. per his vet. She picks at her food, and will skip a meal from time to time.
Thank you all for the advice. I started Riley on Bailey's food and she has been finishing her whole bowl. I fell better now because at least she is eating. Thanks again.
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