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I read through the pet classifieds and am always amazed at some of the ads that people place. It makes me laugh, but at the same time feel a little sad knowing there are ignorant people out there breeding dogs (and people who are willing to buy them). There was a real doozy that I saw today that I just had to share:
KNOW SOMEONE WHO DESERVES JACK SHIH T FOR XMAS? Jack Russell Terrier/Shih Tzu mixed puppies. $175 or new breeds none AKA recognized, male and fem.

:rolleyes: I wonder how many new breeds they have and what they are???

Another one was: SHIH TZU babies, females. $300. No checks. No papers.

Pretty sad. :(

DISCLAIMER: I am *NOT* selling or endorsing these dogs!


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It is truly aggravating. I wish there was a way to take these people on a run for their money. I have noticed that alot of breeders don't even have a real application to fill out when adopting out these babies. I can only pray that these little babies will find their way into wonderful homes :)


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I hate these ads, especially the ones around Christmas. I get sick when I read some of them, especially claiming they are AKC , but only one parent is registered.

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I've been offline for over a month my computer crashed and I just got a new one talk about going through withdrawls. I don't think life without internet is possible.

Here's one from our local paper.
Free: a good home for your unwanted unneuterd male dog of lab size or larger. Breed not important but must not be neutered.

You know this S.O.B. intends on breeding this dog to what ever female he has kicking around. Talk about sick.

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How do most people find their pups?

We found our wonderful pup through the classifieds, but the ad we answered said simply "Boxer pups interviewing for good homes." and had the phone number. My husband had two or three long phone conversations with the breeder before he even invited us to come and see the little guys in person. He was very particular about who he'd let the puppies go to, and gave us loads of information to consider before any commitment was made on either side. He was a good egg.

The most disgraceful ad I've seen recently was for a 14 month old Golden Retriever for sale. It said the family originally paid $500 for the dog, but had to sell him because (are you ready for this?)...because they're getting a pool. Can you imagine?

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I often look at the classified dog ads. It always amazes me the prices that people ask for mixed breed dogs. I really hate to see the "puppies ready in time for Christmas" ads. Grrrrr......

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