Past Member returning. Hi All!

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Boxer Pal
Hi everyone. My name is Andi (short for Andrea in case you were wondering). I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I was a member here years ago and my name back then was Tucker's_mom. I couldn't remember my password and my email has changed a few times so it was just easier to re-register. Back then I had Tucker and Kaia. They've both since gone on to The Bridge and now reside in little boxes on a shelf in a place of honor so they'll always be with us. I'm currently surrounded by a bunch of boys, both furry and non-furry. I have Buster the Boston Terror (haha) and Dyson the Boxer that *thinks* he's a little Boston. He's almost 8 months old, fawn and full of wiggles and woowoos. And 2 non-furry kids that are 10 and almost 8. As well as a sorta furry husband. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing who's still around and meeting new friends too.

Have a great day everyone!


Boxer Insane
Welcome Back TuckersMom aka MichiganAndi Glad to have you back! And with another boxer nonetheless! Once a boxer lover, always a boxer lover! Hope you are well.


Completely Boxer Crazy
I wasn't here years ago when you were but welcome back!!!!!......I'm sure you have lots advice seeing as you have raised several little fur babies! Being new to boxers, I always love reading from experienced owners :)
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