Passed CGC Foundation

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Dora passed her CGC Foundation assessment on the weekend :D We have been working towards this for the past six months.

There was a big obedience trial day going on at the same time as we were being assessed and she kept her concentration for hours on end. She was such a good girl. The only issue where we nearly cam unstuck was the recall - never had she not done the recall perfectly at training, but on the day she got a little distracted but I got her back in time cool2icon

I am soooooo proud of my little girl. She has come a long way since she first came to live with me.

We are now going to go for bronze, which I reckon she could pass now, and then silver - there are some things in silver which will take her a bit of time to master :LOL:


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Well Done Dora! What a clever girl !

So pleased for you that your hard work had paid off. You must be a very proud momma.
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