Paisley's 11 Month Photos

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Hi everyone! I have uploaded some of Paisley's 11 months photos to an album if you'd like to take a look *HERE* ! She turned 11 months on the 6th, and I'm a bit late in putting the pics in the album, but better late than never! Even though I have my new website to put pics on, I am going to continue to make albums to put her pics in that I take every month. I hope you all enjoy the pics! She's still growing a bit, and getting lovelier(imo) everyday! ttyl


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Wow she sure is growing alright. She still has that pretty innocent look though. Some day I have to start a website I am just too busy right now to do it right, all I have is a MSN group that I haven't been keeping up.
Look forward to talking to you again on "messenger", when I get on it some day seems that I am am always mean to, then shut down and forget.:LOL:


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Wow, she's growing into a really gorgeous girl. Especially love the pics of her sunning on the deck.

Can you believe our babies will be 1 year old soon?! (Paisley and Farley share the same birthday!) This pic is my favorite. Her eyebrows are sort of up like, 'Yeah, I'm beautiful. What can I say?'
Paisley is such a cutie.. growing up soo fast! Can you believe her and Nikki are almost a year old! anyways, she is growing into a very dignified looking lady. :) keep the pictures coming!



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Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! Mandy.. some people stop to comment, others, well I'm sure you know how people are.. they gawk(sp?) or sneer, or something along those lines. But I don't need anyone else's approval(like those^ people) to know that my Paisley is beautiful(imo)! Camille I can't believe it either!! ttyl

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Fun Pictures

I sure did enjoy looking at your babies pictures this morning. Thanks for sharing them. Paisley is so beautiful!
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