Painting her nails?

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I am just curious if anyone here has had any experience painting their dog's toenails? I should hope this only applies to owners of females :D
Anyway the reason I ask is b/c my sister just bought my lil Sandy some dog nail polish called Color Paw, and I know there is another brand called Pawlish (I saw it in PetSmart). So I am wondering are these nail polishes non toxic? Is there anything else I should be concerned about? Besides my friends finding out that I painted my dogs

Thanks in advance.


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I was painting my toe nails the other day and my boy Ozric was so interested that i painted his too. Just one paw, not that that's any better. I have to say though, red is a very nice color on him.


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That reminds me of the funniest thing....I hadn't painted my toes since I got my Chase a few months ago. I got a pedicure recently and came home and put my feet up on the coffee table. She stood right in front of them and started cocking her head at them and then started pawing at my feet. I guess she didn't like the bright pink.

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I just painted the girls paws with 'Pawlish' by OPI, on Tues. They had no problems with it. It's quick drying and everything. I'm not sure if they cared for the smell too much but they have pretty pink nails now. Hubby wasn't too happy with me, hehe! I'll have to post a photo when I get one.

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I too have painted my girls nails :)

My daughter painted Carson's nails bright pink. Actually it suited him since he's such a sissy boy grin2icon



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Actually it suited him since he's such a sissy boy

Ozric is too - which is why I felt it was okay for him to have one paw painted candy apple red, besides its a good color against his white toes.


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I must admit, I have painted baileys!! Blue!!! But it wasn't dog polish! It was regular, and it didn't stick very well. But they were still blue! Hubby wasn't too happy, so I think next time I will find the pawlish or something and paint them bright red so that EVERYONE can see it! devilicon


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Painting nails

One day during the summer last year I came home form work and my kids painted Joe's toe nails bright orange. It looked good on him and from what they told me he did not mind getting his toe nails painted.

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I also have the OPI "Pawlish" in Purple. I painted the girls toes a while back. Bentley just accepted it and relaxed while I painted them...however, Jada, she had a harder time accepting it! needless to say I only was able to paint her front 2 paws! She had enough at that point! :)


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I too have painted my girls' nails. I use OPI as well. None of them last too long with these two racing around in the yard and so forth, but when I want them to look special and they are nicely bathed and nails clipped, I do it for them (me).

Maggie hates it. Susie loves it. Whatareyagonnado? :confused:
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