Ozrics first Birthday!

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Boxer Buddy
Today is Ozric's one year birthday. With Oz being my first boxer, its been an exceptionally fun year with him. Slowly but surely he's learning that dog food has better nutrition than my couch and that his older sisters are still the bosses even though he outweighs them both by 30 pounds.

Thanks to everyone here that has shared so much information with me. I've learned alot about this incredible breed and am definitely hooked.


Boxer Insane
birthdayic birthdayic Ozric!!

Have a wonderful day with lots of toys and treats!

Lenore, Samantha & Beau

Amberly E

Boxer Pal
Happy Birthday

Happy, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a day full of treats and bones, maybe a cake or two!!!!! I have a 4 month old and I am already planning for his 1st Birthday. What a wonderful life with a Boxer. Amberly


Completely Boxer Crazy
Happy Birthday to you birthdayic
Have a fun filled boxer day
Bernice and Hennessy Boy


Boxer Insane
Happy 1ST Bitrhday Ozric!!

birthdayic partyicon birthdayic partyicon birthdayic partyicon
Hope you get lots of goodies and kisses.
Slobbers from our gang,
Peg, Jan
lovicon Caesar, Brandi, Jake & Maggie


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WooHoooo happy b-dayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!birthdayicbirthdayicbirthdayic Here's to many to come Ozric!!!!!!! Have a great special day!!!! fiestaiconfiestaicon
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