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Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I've been on the boards. I posted some new pics of Sid (now 16 mos. old) and our new rescue "Baby". She is not a traditional rescue, in the sense that we got her through a rescue group. But, we rescued her from someone in the town we live in. He tried to sell us to her last year, when Bodhi was still alive. He wanted to breed her with him. Crazy. Then he saw Sid this year and wanted to breed her with HIM! My hubby saw her a few days later with the guy and he 'offered' her to us. That was Saturday night, picked her up Monday after work and straight to the vet. She was about 10 lbs. underweight, infested with fleas, hair thin. What a mess, poor thing. So, as we're leaving, he says he wants a puppy! Well, no puppies here. Everyone is getting spayed and neutered!

Anyway, now she is in a loving and warm home with a family and another boxer who loves her. She's gained weight. Her coat is shiny and getting fuller. She is the sweetest thing!


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Congrats Sid, you found a wonderful loving home! Thanks for giving her a new life! Hanley


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That is great. I am sure she is very thankful to have you as her family now. It sounds like a happy ending for all. Congrats on your new baby appicon


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New Baby

Yea!!! Now she's going to have a loving family, regular feeding, no fleas and definately no being bred for profit!! I can't believe the brass b**** he had even asking for a puppy?!?! Some people,..."here's your sign",...

I'm so happy for you all!!

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First of all, you have beautiful dogs!! Second of all thank you for giving that pup a great home. And also thank you for not irresponsibly breeding the dogs. There are actually enough puppies in the world, even though we could all use a few more boxers. :) You have some very lucky poochies.
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