Our Hurricane Baby

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We live in Florida, and our Hurricanes have really been scary, and destructive. Charley put 60 foot pine trees in our home, Frances drenched us, etc......
But 10 little baby boxers; their home wiped totally wiped out surv. (2005 Hurr.), and thats how we got our Houston. Its amazing to see a home leveled and all these babies & Mommy, alive and healthy. I haven't had her long, but her and Lucky,(rescue whippet, he was phys. abused), are my babies. I love them so very much. Their both my little miracle babies.


Thank you for rescuing 2 dogs =) I love my newest Boxer Buster, we adopted him Wednesday. I really think they find us & are meant for us =)

Julie P.

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What a wonderful story...it touched my heart to the hilt. I am a 1000 miles or more a way from where you live and stories such as this really draws me closer to how horrible things have been you and every one. I am glad your sweet ones lived through such horrible times.


Boxer Insane
Glad to hear that your baby survived. :) I am also glad to hear that your rescues found you to make a great family. Thanks for sharing.
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