Our Boxer Obie 1 Kanobie

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Hello Everyone! Just wanted to stop in and say hello, and introduce our Boxer Obie 1 Kanobie. I love this web site for Boxer's, its great! Our Boxer is a 6 months old male. He has a family that loves him very, very much. He enjoys his kong with a hint of peanut butter hidden inside of it. Likes to box with daddy, and play tug a wore with his chew rope with the kids. As for me? Well, I think Obie 1 Kanobie just likes to go on walks with me and snuggle on the couch beside me....He gets his lips kissed off when he falls asleep! We love him so very much...what a true blessing he is to our family.
Sincerely, TeriLynne


Boxer Booster
Welcome TerriLynne! what a neat name, soooooo cute! You sure we don't own the same boxer? I kiss my Chelsea on the YIPS when she is asleep too. Thats the best time, they look like angels then---irresistilble
Welcome! Where abouts in Washington are you? some of us from Oregon and Washington got togehter not to long ago for a play day. keep your eyes open for the next one. Since its winter if you know of a building we could possibly use to have another play date, please let us know.


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Welcome TerriLynne! It's great to have another boxer lover on the site. I thought I was the only one who kissed my babies on the lips - not only when they're sleeping! They are sooo kissable. I think sometimes they actually pucker up!

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Alisha Mobley

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Welcome, and I have a question about your Boxer's name. Isn't Obie 1 Kanobie the old man from Star Wars? I know the name is from Star Wars but can't remember who it was. We just recently bought the Triology (the 3 Star Wars movies together) for my son. Well my husband said they were for Tyler but since he is only 3 he had no clue what Star Wars was. So you guys can guess who realy wanted them. Anyway I watched all 3 with my husband but these movies are so long I fell asleep about 1/2 way through each one. I know these movies are old but I have never seen any of them all the way through. Well, that's a pretty cool name even if it isn't the old man.

Alisha - Indiana
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