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Since Lily was diagnosed with a liver mass. I still have been using topical flea and tick, I rather not do that. I want to stop but don't want her to have any bugs. What do you recommend or have used that can help to put on her fur. I thought I heard Rosemary not sure if they sell sprays, I have fresh rosemary in garden. I am still giving her a heartworm pill monthly though, even though she has an illness I don't need her to get heartworm. Any recommendations for flea and tick that is organic would be great.


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I know there are some natural flea and tick sprays out there. I'm afraid I don't know what they are. :( As far as heartworm is concerned, keep in mind that you don't need to give it in the winter or in any month that the temperature drops below 19C. ( F?) Go to the Heart Worm Society for more information.
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I've been reading good things about Wondercide and also Avon's Skin So Soft Bug guard line. I've never used either out of pure laziness! I'm thinking about just getting one and trying. I had used Frontline Gold topical 1 or 2 times a year on Raine. Fleas didn't like her just hitched a ride in to find my poor cat who is highly allergic to them. One in the house and the poor girl breaks our in sores on her whole body. I gave Halen the free Nextguard I got at her 1st puppy check up. Never seen a flea on her but of course the cat got fleas found. Ugg!
I do give Heartguard every 45 days during mosquito season. It takes 60 days for the larvae to form from transmission to a worm. I hate using toxic chemicals but the alternative for my previous 2 girls with heart issues wasn't something they could have dealt with.


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I have recently found an organic spray at Target. Richard's Organic Flea &Tick Spray. It has been working great! I tried Wondercide and it didn't work all that well. Plus it contains lemongrass and Skully is allergic to that. Richard's has clove oil and cedar oil., no lemongrass and worked much better.


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Linda I know a lot of people around here use it and I swear the Avon ladies tout it as safe. Never used it myself or on my dogs.