Or to WA : Transportation help needed

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Please help a friend: A boxer in Northeastern Oregon needs transportaion to Northwester Washington ASAP. Please e mail to dhorton@mtbaker.wednet.edu if you can help.

Please email me, I will help do a leg. If IM right this is the dog in Pendleton that needs to get to Bellingham? Im in Oregon just across the bridge from Longview Wa, I could pick him up in Portland and head North to meet someone. Please let me know, I might be able to find someone in the Portland area to head East to get him and then meet me. Let me , what I can do. Kccorl@clatskanie.com


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I'm located in the Tri-Cities--not too far from Pendelton, OR. PLEASE contact me if I can be of some assistance! :)

Timmy S.

Dex...I live in Lacey, Washington(A suburb of Olympia) and would be willing to help out if needed. I could meet someone driving north from Oregon and continue from there. I drive up to the Seattle area 5 times a week for work, and would be willing to drive further if needed on my days off. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Thanx!:D timmygobigred@aol.com


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Hi there...I also live here in Lacey, Wa and I am willing to help out in this transport to Bellingham...Please let me know if I can help in any way!!! I am willing to drive to Bellingham from here...Just let me know!!! Thanks! Jicksies
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