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Amy Lyn

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Curious as to what everyone thinks about this.

My husband and I know that we want to get a second Boxer once we get a new house with more room and more land. We are in the process now of looking for a new house, but so far the market seems to be pretty slow. Who knows when we will actually be in one.

So, here's our dilemma . . . we can either wait until we are in our new house before we get another boxer, more room, not so crowded and not as much mayhem as having two boxers in one tiny house. Or we can get a puppy now, knowing that we are looking for a house currently, and the puppy can be trained in this house (which is a disaster zone from having two sick doggies who had multiple accidents all over my white carpet) instead of trying to housetrain in a new house. If we wait, we have to try our best to be patient and might put off getting another one even longer because we don't want to mess up (re: housebreaking) our new house or if we go for it now, we will all be squeezed into a tiny house where tensions might rise, but at least we won't care about the condition of our house (re: housebreaking).

What do you guys think??


When we first got Bridget we lived in a townhouse. A large townhouse but no yard at all. After about two years we were in the same dilemma. I wanted another boxer but we were selling our house. Well it just so happened that my breeder had a litter with a beautiful brindle boy. W picked Killian up and had two boxers for about 6 months in the townhouse. Now things got worst from here. We wanted to build our next house.

Once we sold the townhouse we moved into a one-bedroom apartment for 1 YEAR before we found a lot, a builder and the new house was complete. During that time frame Killian and Bridget decided to start their own family. They had a puppy. Just one but a third boxer just the same in a very small apartment. About two months after Darcy was born we moved into our house. We survived. It took a lot of planned exercising for them on our part but they were happy and healthy and not traumatized.

Good luck


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We too would like to buy another house and we are looking for a house with a few acres. We just got our second boxer about 6 1/2 weeks ago. Although we got ours from rescue and he was already housetrained, we have found that it was the best decision we ever made. We too thought of waiting until we had more space and a bigger yard to play in. Walking one dog is easy..walking two is more challenging and we are not always home together where we can each walk one of them together. We don't have to walk Lexi half as much now because her and Baxter will play for hours together and then poop out together on the living room rug. Mine don't require a huge area to play in and we have a fenced in back yard we turn them loose in sometimes (but they really don't like it outside this time of year). It is a personal preference but we went for it and in your situation I think you would do fine too! We give ours an area to play in and if they end up getting under our feet somewhere, we give them each a bone and let them have a time out with these for a half hour/45 minutes in the kitchen while I get things done. We love it! The only part I wasn't prepared for was loosing my comfy spot in the bed...Baxter takes over in the middle of the night :D


Get new Boxer baby now. Tensions will rise but you'll have a nice new house. If you wait, tensions will STILL rise because the new house will be torn apart. The way I look at it, tensions will rise either way; a nice, clean new home free of doggy messes will make the tension easier to handle.

Lisa M

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That's a hard question, I think it would be better for the puppy to come into the new house and not have to move while he or she is young. I also think that dealing with selling and buying and moving will be a big distraction making that not a good time to be bonding with and training and house breaking a new pup. On the other hand, I know where you're coming from with concerns about messing up the new house. Fortunately down here we have all tiles on our floors so it's not such an issue, we just move the rugs when a puppy is here and then put them back when he's gone. It sounds like it might be better for you to get the pup in the old house and better for the pup to come into the new one. It might also be easier to keep track of the pup in a smaller house during training and house breaking.

I'm not sure if anything I said was helpful ;) sorry!

Al's Pal

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I know "they" say that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do, and I'm sure moving house with a pup would be even more so, but it may be quite some time before you move if the market is a bit depressed. You sound like you'd like to have the new puppy now, so you've obviously considered this, and sound quite comfortable with it. I say go for it!! Imagine what you could be missing out on if you wait till after you've moved!


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This is definitely a pondering question.. I guess if I were in your shoes and there was a puppy that you found, or found you, and you fell in love with it, I would get it. I look at it kind of like a fate thing... if a puppy is there than get it, if not then don't. Most of my pets have one way or another come to me, for example I went to go shopping one day and there in front of Pet Co was a truck with a boxer mama and 3 puppies, and I got Major. I knew I wanted a boxer, and when I saw them I knew one was going to be mine. Also my cat showed up at my door one day (15 years ago) and after checking around took her in and still have her. So you know that if you were to get a puppy now it would be okay, and if you didn't then it is also alright. Good luck and let us know! :)

Coco's Mom

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I say go for it now!! There is never a right time there will always be "something" trash the old carpet and old house and save the new house for 2 well trained dogs.Amy will you use Tanya again? and if you do let me know if she has any litters.I am trying to convince my hubby to get another one.
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