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Opinion, New Pup, Working 9-5, Schedule Critique

Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by FloydHobo, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. FloydHobo

    FloydHobo Boxer Pal

    Jun 19, 2014
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    Hello All,

    New to the forum, and have had two boxers in the past, one during childhood and one at college (living with the owner for 3 years). I am now living with 2 other roommates after completing college and am considering getting a puppy boxer after this summer/vacations are over.

    I wanted some opinions on two separate possible puppy issues since I understand the needs a puppy will have while I am away at work. My plan:

    - Awake in morning, approx. 730am for a quick 20 minute jog/walk, every weekday and weekends depending on when I get up (or he wakes me).
    - Dog walker/puppy care service from 30min-1h around miday-1pm.
    - Get home from 5pm-530pm (100% of time, no late days) and let him out for another walk/bathroom break.
    - Late night before bed bathroom break and/or jog/walk if I am up to it.

    My pup will be crated during the times myself or my roommates are not presentm. Essentially that leaves my pup with a scheduled 4 bathroom breaks (obviously additional at night since I will be home), and at least 2 solid 30+ minute walks and runs a day. This will only be for mon-wed, and Fri (Thurs, weekend someone is home). Also, possibly some mornings a later walk/bathroom break around 10:30am would happen, no set schedule.

    First question -
    Is this planning sufficient for a puppy 10-12 weeks old?

    Second question -
    I think it would be quite a bit easier to purchase on older puppy, possibly 12 - 16 weeks old, from a breeder that would already be crate training and socializing them. Obviously the standard is 8 weeks, but his way the crate transition would be simple, and I would be able to walk/bathroom break my pup in public areas (all shots completed) as I live in an apartment complex with shared areas. Are there breeders that would do this, maybe for an additional fee, or are there services to purchase a pup at 8 weeks old and have it sent to a training type facility for a month or two, and then bring him home?

    Please share any feedback, changes, or thoughts as all is welcome!
  2. magician

    magician Boxer Pal

    May 4, 2013
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    Hi Floyd,

    I had the same situation with my work starting at 9. Initially, the puppy will need to pee almost every hour to hour and a half. So atleast for the first month you will need someone to cover his frequent "business" so that he gets house trained quicker.

    However, it also depends from puppy to puppy. Fluffy, went to do his business every 2 hours. So, I just needed someone to cover for me 2 times a day. Once at around 11 am and then once at around 3 pm. And he got a hang of the business place within a month or so. Also, as the puppy grows, the frequency will reduce.

    The planning you have seems Ok, when the puppy becomes around 4-5 months old. Prior to that you will need someone to take him out frequently.

    To answer your second question, Yes you could find a breeder who would give you a slightly puppy. Most of the times the breeder will ask you to pay for the puppy in advance to ensure you wont back of the deal after the puppy has grown up to 12-16 weeks. And some may ask additional charges for the puppy expenses.

    A better option would be to rescue an elder boxer. I am not based in US so I am not sure where could you look for boxer rescues but try to search rescue groups around your area.

    My personal opinion is go for 8-10 week old puppy. You would have to adjust your schedule only for a couple of months and you wouldn't have to risk getting a puppy who might be in flight stage at 16 weeks.

    Hope this helps.
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