Ok need some toys!!

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Tuggy has been chewing more lately. He needs more toys. He eats his pig ears in like 1/2 hour. I need something that 1: He won't swallow whole 2: Lasts at least a little while

He has damaged/destroyed the following:
2 Holes in my couch(I am ticked about that but the couch is OLD)
Pair of boots
Dress Shoes of my DH's
2 bras
3 pairs of stocking
and numerous little things.

Do they grow out of this(Please say they do!!!). He almost got my cycling shoes(which are my prized possession), but I managed to grab them.


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They will grow out of the "curiosity" stage and trying to put everything in their mouth, but they need to learn what is the right things to be chewing on. Don't set him up to fail. He obviously had access to the items that you mentioned so EVERYTHING that you consider to be off limits needs to be out of his reach. Of course whenever you catch him with something that is wrong, replace it with an appropriate item. Everytime he is chewing on something that is his, praise him like crazy.

There is such a wide range of things he can chew on. Is he teething? We used old dish rags, got them wet and froze them and this would keep Cami busy while we ate dinner. Kongs filled with peanut butter and banana's frozen also keep them busy for quite some time. There are multiple healthy chews, greenies, nylabones, edible nylabones, (all with supervision), that most dogs seem to love.

Many different types of toys. How much exercise is he getting? A tired dog is a sleeping (good) dog!! Even a 20 minute game of fetch will do wonders. Daily walks, treatsie balls, hiding toys etc.....


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Well I did leave some of the stuff on the floor. I was being good about closing the closet door, but I forget.

I play fetch with him every night for an hour in the living room. We then play "Chase Mommy around the house". I am signing him up for Doggie Daycare after the first of the year, just a couple mornings a week.

I get home kind of late from work, so walking at night is not advisable. I do leave for work around 9, so I am starting to let him play while I am getting ready.

I will get some dishtowels, because I am sure his teeth are bothering him. He is about 10 months old(on the 22nd).

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How old is Tuggy? Does he do this in your presence, absence, or both.

Is he crate trained?

Toys may or may not be the solution, depending on why he chews.

Many of the things you mentioned will have your scent on them. Remotes are a favorite object of a Boxer with the tendency to chew on things other than its toys.

How much exercise does Tuggy get? Much of the mischief a dog gets into is out of boredom.

Indy has been trustworthy around the house since he was about seven months old. He just does not get into mischief. The one thing he does like to get, is the Bounce sheets from the dryer. He will stand by whenever one of us is taking stuff from the dryer. If we leave the door open to do something else, he will go prospecting for the sheet. if it is still there, he will find it, and he will ingest it. Fortunately they pass without a problem.

Ava is an entirely different animal. She will destroy things. Yes, she too has literally shredded an old couch, a pillow from the bed, remotes, cd's, etc. But, this only occurs when she and Indy are left for more than a brief period.

It never happens when someone is in the house with her. So, when we have to step out for more than a few minutes, she is crated, or confined to the kitchen, which we have pretty much "dogproofed".

She is getting better, but we cannot trust her to be free in the house sans our presence. She will be two on January 10th.

Just like kids, every dog is different.

Personally, I don't like pig ears, or any of the rawhide toys. Try a Kong stuffed with treats and peanut butter. Frozen bagels are also good, especially for teething puppies. Nylabones come in a variety of types and flavors, for gentle chewers to vigorous chewers.

Another good toy is the type that you can put treats into, and the dog has to tumble them around to make them dispense the goodies. My favorite is the molecuball, but alas, they are no longer available. There are several others that will serve the same purpose however.

Until Tuggy gets past this stage, dogproof your home as much as possible. When he can't be supervised, do not leave him alone with the run of the house. Crate him. It will dramatically improve your relationship with each other. As much as you may love him now, you will love him even more.

Enough for now. I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions from others.

Be sure to post aqain to answer the questions at the beginning of this post.

It will assist others in helping you.

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Thomas Liggin said:
How old is Tuggy? 10 months

Does he do this in your presence, absence, or both. In my presence

Is he crate trained? OH yes he is in the crate whenever I can't watch him, or at work.

How much exercise does Tuggy get? When I get home from work and feed him he plays until I go to bed. 11ish or sometimes later. I get home from work and the gym at around 6:30

I need to dog-proof my house again. The pig ears he loves, I can't give him rawhides because he swallows them whole and then barfs all over the rug.

I am going to PetSmart this weekend so maybe I will pick up some nylabones. My DH comes home on Wednesday from his barge duty, so Tuggy will have the run of the house when he is home.


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Go to pet stages and get the dental health knot and then the large Orka, mine love that since he has been a pup.

Petco and petsmart should have that.

Good luck and happy holidays.

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Nylabone plastic keys are awsome! Luka chews on his ALL the time- plus I can put them in his crate, because they clean really easily. I got them from Petco and they are especially for teething puppies... they are designed to massage gums. http://www.petco.com/product_info.a...&c2=292&c3=&ct1=Toys&ct2=Moderate+Chewer&ct3=
(hope that works!)
He also likes those plasic bones that have the spikes? They are for cleaning teeth, but he really likes it... it took him a few minutes to get used to it :)
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TugsMommy said:
I will get some dishtowels, because I am sure his teeth are bothering him. He is about 10 months old(on the 22nd).
I was always afraid to do that, because I was unsure Luka wouldn't know which towels to chew on and which to not. I bought a Chilly Bone for him... it is canvas, you soak it in water and then freeze it. Petco has them, I think... I got mine from Dr. Fosters.
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