Oh My Gawd - in two different aspects!

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Amy Lyn

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First aspect in which I had to say to myself "oh my gawd" - Every morning is the same routine, get ready for work, let Wagner out, feed him, visit with him and then take him out to the bathroom before I crate him up and head to work. I got to laughing at myself this morning because I actually got excited that my dog peed AND pooped outside before I had to put him away. I figured, this must be a start to a good day and then I quickly thought - wow, has my life gone downhill so much that I get excited when my puppy does #1 and #2 in the same outing and I think that that's a start to a good day???

Any way, I crated him up, left for work.

Second aspect where I had to say to myself "oh my gawd" - Well, I arrived home after work, excited to let the puppy out OF HIS CRATE and play, but to my surprise, when I opened my front door - there came Wagner like a bolt of lightning, kidney beaning around like he was the star of "Flashdance". (I have never seen him kidney bean this seriously ever). My THREE MONTH OLD PUPPY had been out of his crate all day! Our fault completely, since when we put his plastic crate back together we didn't attach the screws and he must have kicked a little too hard and knocked the crate up and the door out! Those of you who have those airline-type plastic crates know what I'm talking about. We have never had to put the screws in, because he was just too little before to kick hard enough to make the crate ajar.

Anyhow, I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only was my puppy out, but he decided he'd like the company of every piece of garbage in my office as well. He shredded everything. There was paper covering every inch of my office floor! Not to mention, he pooped twice and peed as well!!!

I just couldn't be mad. As soon as I saw him kidney beaning his way down the hall, I melted. He was so excited to see me - all I could do was clean the house back up and promise myself that I would secure the crate better next time!!!!!

Thanks for listening! Had to tell someone!

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Amy Lyn
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April K

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ROFL! Reminds me of when we came home one night...The pups were supposed to be in the backyard because we just had all the carpets shampooed. Instead, the realtor had left the backdoor open and as I'm going to unlock the door, I look through the glass on the side to see two extremely happy dogs, ears flappin', big lips smilin' dancing through the house. There were a million paw prints in every room around every piece of furniture.

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Maggie once proved to be an escape artist as well. One day I came home from work, looking forward to seeing her, and thee she is, greeting me as I opened the door. I took her right out, and she peed, but didn't poop. So I was worried. We go back in, and I look at the cage. She must have managed to get the door open with her paws. Everything seemed in order in the house, until I went to the empty bedroom, and found her pile of poop. The first time she had ever poop in the house. I really couldn't fault her, but she the deemed it acceptable to poop in this room a few more times, but no longer does it.

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So funny how they can escape! When Indy was only about 3 or 4 months old, he escaped from the kitchen by climbing over the piece of furniture we used to block him in. We thought he was too little to do that. HA! Although he didn't destroy anything (I think he was too surprised by the escape), I found him stuck under my bed! He had pushed my bedroom door open, crawled under the bed where I keep boxes of wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. and gotten wedged between the boxes and mattress! He was so pitiful...whining, crying, shaking...I have no idea how long he'd been under there. He never went under the bed again!

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I can just imagine the scene! LOL

Ali managed to escape from her metal crate several times when she was smaller. I came home one day to find her waiting by the front door. The only thing out of place was a pair of underwear mysteriously lying on the stairs! Can't imagine how they got there ;).

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Sounds just like my house! Lucy has proven to be the escape artist too. I call her Houdini. The babygate was still up and she was out in the house. She had managed to slide underneath it. Then she managed to shut the door on Lexus' crate and Lexus thought she couldn't get out. Then she tore up a few things (nothing big) and popped twice. Can you imagine my surprise being met at the door by the puppy while the responsible Lexus was locked in her crate! I wish I would have had a video camera!

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