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i am at 35 th ave and union hills we go to the dogpark behing the library at 57th ave and union hills we have two boxers names chelsea and dozer dozer is about 6 months and chelsea is about a year and a half


I found this post. its from a while ago. Are you guys still BW members? I am in the Tempe/ east phx area and work in Glendale


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We live in Mesa and have a 7 month old boxer. His name is Ranger. Looking foward to going to the dog parks. I have never been to one. As soon as we get some pictures downloaded we will send some in.


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Boxers in Phoenix

Okay - this post is pretty old now, so i'm not sure if any of you are still checking, but I've got a one year old boxer boy in central Phoenix. Just a note though, if you do go to the dog parks around here, be cautious and keep your eye on your dog at all times. Ozric was attacked about six months ago at the park on 19th Ave and Maryland. Just last month another dog was killed there.
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