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Ok It has been a few days since I found that black dog in my yard with my boxer ( who isn't fixed yet). She has an appointment on Thursday to get spayed. Would it be too soon to tell if she's pregnant? I have looked for that other dog and can't find him anywhere so I don't know if he was fixed or not. I was noticing today that August's nipples look larger. I can't afford to take her to the vet for another two weeks. Is there anyone who has ever had a pregnant boxer that can help me? This dog was a little bit bigger then August but I don't even no if he mounted her. I really could use some edvice. Thanks. Norma.

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Sam was mounted by a huge poodle about 10 days before she was to be spayed. I called the vet & he told me not to worry--that when she had her surgery, if there were puppies he'd take them out with the uterus. This is what happened. Even tho I didn't want her to have puppies, it was kind of sad----but can you imagine what a boxer/poodle mix would have looked like? Talk to your vet--I'll bet he can reassure you. Good luck..

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He he.. that would be an interesting puppy wouldn't it?
But I would say call your vet, because you can always talk to them on the phone for free. I'm not much help, but I'm sure two weeks wouldn't make too much of a difference. Let us know what happens

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George, your girls nipples will get larger once she has had a heat cycle, and is not necessarily a sign that she is pregnant. Keep your appt and get her spayed.

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I agree with Cindy - August's nipples got larger becuse she is in heat cycle. A few days is too early for pregnancy signs to appear.

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