Northern California says "Hi!"

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Lava Linda

Completely Boxer Crazy
Hello all,
I've been "talking" on the board for awhile now, but haven't ever introduced myself. I live in beautiful Winters, a small town in Northern California.
I've had several dogs in my life, mostly mutts, and have loved them very much. Since I got Gilroy and Purdy as puppies, however, I have learned how special boxers are. I don't think I'll ever have any other breed!
They are quite a pair. They sleep together on a big pillow near my bed, and I awaken to their mugs in my face staring at me intently and willing me to rise. If I take too long, Gilroy will give the mattress a punch with his big flat nose and wait, the punch harder and wait with that laughably expectant look on his face. It's a wonderful way to start the day, if you ask me. : )

I'm really enjoying the board! My coworkers laugh at my boxer mania, but I sure feel at home here.
Is there a way to send pictures? I sent some in, but it looks like the gallery isn't being updated anymore(?) I'd love to show off my babies.
Keep up the good work everyone!

Linda, proud mother of:
Gilroy - 5 y.o. brindle male, natural ears, gentle as a lamb :)
Purdy - 5 y.o. spayed female, flashy brindle, natural ears, fastest tongue in the west!


Boxer Insane
Welcome to the board!
How far north do you live?
We have a group of people from this board and other e-mail lists from Oregon and Washington that have gotten together with our boxers.
I have photos of our "boxer party" on my website:

If you want to "post" some pictures, try creating your own website. I did it with geocities PageBuilder. It's really pretty easy (and lots of fun).

Again, welcome!! :D
This really is such a great place.
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