Normal house training and what to expect

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Our girl is right at 3 months old. We got her at 8 weeks old. She's a boxer mixed with we aren't sure what. She's been to the vet clean bill of health and we are using a crate when we can't watch her like a hawk.

I'm attempting to bell train her. It went well the first week, and the second weekend she started ringing the bells! We where so excited! lots of praise, lots of treats! Consistently.
Then all of a sudden she stopped. then started peeing on the floor again with no warning what so ever. We had started letting her sleep in the kitchen outside of the kennel with our other dog and after a few days of accidents consistently we went back to square one.
So now it's been 4 weeks. She rang the bells once this weekend. Then hasn't since again.
But the accidents seems to have stopped.
Does this sound like progress? are we on the right track?
My previous two dogs potty trained in a week and 2 weeks(second dog had a uti and pretty much once that was fixed she stopped peeing on the floor.) so this is all new territory for me.

She's very smart and sweet. Goes in her kennel on command, can sit, lay down, "drop it", and sit "pretty" all ready. And learns new tricks in less than a day. I get the feeling we will be those people looking up random dog tricks to teach her on youtube. lol She loves to learn new things to do to earn those treats!
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Hi, I have no experience in the bell-ringing method, so sorry I can't give advice on that ..... but I did just want to say that my girl, who is now, 21 weeks, went through a stage where she seemed to regress, suddenly peeing and stooling in the house wherever she happened to be, after having been previously really good about going outside ALL the time. I just continued as we had always done, trying to pre-emp any possible need to potty, ignoring the accidents and re-enforcing good habits with praise and rewards. It didn't take long before she was right back on track .... and its been so long since we have had an accident now, I can't even remember when it was.

So keep persevering, it sounds as if you are doing all the right things .... and I am sure she will be back to being house trained in no time.

PS ... I am with you on trawling youtube for new tricks. My pup is my first boxer, although not my first pup by a long shot - and I think she is extra smart and so much quicker to learn than any of my other dogs have been. Boxers are such a brilliant breed :)
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