No more playing under couch

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I remember the discussion of our boxers who like to kick/push balls under couch. Ruby is pretty obnoxious about it. She will carry the ball over to the couch and then kicks it under the couch....then she sticks her nose under the couch and whines. I have to get up and get the ball from under the couch. WELL, we just purchased new living room furniture. The couch is too low and Ruby can no longer play that game. What ashame!!


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yup, that's what i thought! Now, Adam drops the ball ON the sofa the jackhammers it to death. This shoves the ball into the couch. Now, Adam has to paw all the cushions off the couch to get his ball.

Just can't win!! LOL


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my furniture is to low to get anything under it but if i am looking for a toy and cant find it i look behind and in between the cushions and usually it is there....the places they like to put their toys...


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And here I thought I was the only one with boxer with a deluded sense of fun. I was just getting frustrated with Riley's fav game a few minutes ago...she puts her toys under the living room recliner and then goes nuts pawing at it until you fish it out and throw it her again. Two seconds later...back under the chair! I tried explaining to her that the game would be MUCH more fun if she would just bring the toy straight back to me so I could throw it for her...however, I don't think she heard me.


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Here is the real question:
After your boxer drives you crazy by whinning or digging while his/her toy is under the couch or recliner, do you get up and also put your head under the funiture w/ your bottom up in the air to retrieve the toy?
That happens here, but when my head is under the couch, Ruby's head is under there w/ mine, which means both of our bottoms are sticking up. What a site!!!
He he he!!!!


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Omg Yes!!!

YES!!!!! Two of mine do that too!

I have one, who specifically drops a ball in my shoe and tries to dig it out. It's like a little puzzle for her or something. Baskets too. Anything that she can lodge the ball into, she will. Esepcially shoes. At first I thought it was luck, but I'd watch her do it over and over again. Amazing, boxers are just SO amazing!


Cissy MUST be related to Ruby & Riley !! Why do we have recliners ?? I think it is just to amuse our boxers as they see us contorted underneath,stretching to retrieve that *&^*&^ ball that could ONLY be reached by moving the chair. The game is MOST fun at 6 am when mom has a death grip on her coffee cup and trying to pry her eyes open or in the avening when she is trying to read the paper. Otherwise it isn't much fun :LOL:

Sue and the kids,Pooh,Bownser,Dozer & Cissy


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Bad, bad mommy taking away Ruby's fun. Desi & Niki like to throw their balls under the dining room chairs, and then nearly knock the chairs down trying to get them.


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Tyson has a red squeaker toy that he LOVES. He loves playing w/ it when I'm trying to watch TV or when I'm on the phone. Sometimes he'll push it under the couch and madly paw at the ground trying to get it out. Other times he'll come over to me, lay his head near my lap, and chew like crazy on the toy until I take it from him and throw it. Then he's back within 3 seconds.
Layla too is fond of playing this game! Always comes to Mommy to rescue the toy from the evils under the couch. Also she loves to jackhammer her toys into the cushions as far as possible. She get so into it that her tongue actually sticks out a little while she concentrates on pushing the toy into obliviaion! Too cute...
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