No longer just osteoarthritis...

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I've had what I thought was just severe case of osteoarthritis for about two years now. It started with just my left knee (1997), and has progressed to my hands, shoulders, hips and knees.

Well, I finally made an appointment to see a rheumatologist, and after a very comprehensive 2 hour history & physical, I was diagnosed with moderate rheumatoid arthritis. I'm not thrilled with the diagnosis, but at least I know why the pain and inflammation is present.

I started on a relatively low dose of azulfidine (increasing from 2 pills/day to 4-6/pills day), which I'll now be taking for life. Although I've been exercising regularly, I'll be modifying my workout over the next month to take into account the stretching exercises that my rheumatologist says will be essential (in addition to the drugs) in slowing further damage.

This morning, I was notified that my employer would be changing insurance companies in Sep or a plan that my rheumatologist does not take. I'm hoping to convince him to sign up, as I don't look forward to another 2 hour new patient visit with a new rheumatologist.

At least I can still look forward to kidney-beaning Boomer awaiting my arrival in the evening. He's certainly been a good anti-depressant since Thursday evening.


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Man what a day...
What a hard adjustment to make. We're here with you....


Mel C

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Hugs coming your way too!

I always turn to my fur babies or horses in times of need!

Cuddle up to your baby and enjoy quality time with him...

Best Wishes!

debbie knowles

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Hang in there Scott....I'll be thinking of you and including you in my prayers.
While you're at it, give Boomer a big hug from all of us too.

PS: Psssst, Boomer...hug your Dad right back for us too, OK??

Austin's Mom

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I have arthritis in my knees so I can kind of relate. If your Dr. won't sign up maybe he can transfer your records so you don't have to start all over. Hope you feel better.

Chris & Aus


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Hang in there Scott. My dad was diagnosed with rheumatoid about 4 years ago and he is doing great. When he was first diagnosed he was stiff and sore all the time and had trouble going up and down the stairs and doing other activities. He is on weekly injections now, sorry I don't know the name of the med, but he is doing awesome. Chris has a good suggestion, if you have to switch dr's maybe they can just forward your records. And Booomer, you keep making your daddy smile :)



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Hey There Scott!!

This whole arthritis issue has been a long road for you, but perhaps now having a definate diagnosis, your treatments can begin to control your condition and like you say slow down the process of increased damage.

I will for sure be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and let's hope the insurance issue is easily worked out. As has already been stated, if the new doctor chooses not to sign up with your new insurance company, perhaps given some understanding he can refer you to another one who is with this insurance company and forward your file, to avoid another lengthy new patient assessment.

There's nothing more spirit lifting in life than coming home to a beaning boxer, they seem to see beyond our pain and only notice the common bond of love and devotion we humans share with them. I am happy that you have Boomer and he is able to make you feel uplifted. Boomer has come a long way since he first moved in with you, and his positive progression in his life and yours is due to your understanding, patience, and love that you have shown him. Now he is able to give you some of that back, and isn't it great to know it is coming back to you unconditionally? (And if you feel the need for xtra boxer love, Kailee and Clyde are always looking for a vacation get-away from mom :LOL: )

I will be thinking of you, please keep us posted.

(((HUGS))) to both you and Boomer



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Scott, I'm sorry about your diagnosis, but I do hope that with the medication and stretching exercises you will get better!! Also, I hope you can get your insurance business taken care of the way you want it.

I'll be keeping you and Boomer in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so glad you have a boxer companion, he will lighten your spirits day after day!

Lenore, Samantha & Beau


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Scott: Sorry to hear you have been in so much pain, but atleast you know what is wrong. Me & Ginger sending you feel better vibes~~~~~~~

Linda & Ginger
Scott, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. If you're driving to Dallas to see your folks soon, pm me and maybe you can stop by. We live in Red Oak about 1.5 miles from I35 and have a fenced acre for the pups to run. We can cook burgers on the grill. Maybe that can cheer you up and give Boomer a break from the road.

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