Nikki's Knees again

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Nikki's Mom

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June of 1999 Nikki had surgery for the torn ligament in her right knee, then in December she had the left knee done. Well about 4 weeks ago Nikki became overly excited about getting a cookie and fell, hurting her right knee. I was hoping it was a burse but it would not back to the orthopedic dr. She has damaged the cartledge in the knee and will need surgery again. I feel like such a bad mom even though I know none of this could have been helped. I hope this will be the end of her knee problems.

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I'm so sorry to hear Nikki will have to have surgery again. I can relate to the getting overly excited about a cookie! I can't open the cookie jar without two big faces staring at me! I have even tried to take the cookie jar into another room to open it, but to no avail!!! The little devils! Let us know when Nikki has her surgery and how she's doing.

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Nikki's Mom-

Please DON'T feel like a bad mom. I know you feel terrible for your girl, but it's not your fault. Keep us posted on how she's doing. Keep your chin up! and remember NO ACE!

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I am sorry to hear about Nikki's knee. Buckaroo sends slurps and kisses. Yesterday I caught Buckaroo pulling the backpack we use for pet therapy across the floor. Do you know what he wanted? Yep. Did he get some? Yep. Thoughts will be with ya both.


I hope it will make you feel a little better if I pass on what my vet said once. I was in there for the umpteenth time on an injury, and I said "what is it with her - she is a big strong dog. Why is she always getting hurt?" Uurrghhh. And he said Boxers are *jocks*, they are atheletes and as such they have more injuries. Dogs that are couch potatoes, don't get hurt, just fat!


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Poor baby! I wish her a speedy recovery.
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