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I often find that I call Maggie different names. I used to call her bouncy or bounce, because of the way she bounces around. Lately I call her Fierce, because of the sounds she makes when she plays and tries to act tough. Then, there is base, or wide base, which game from the way she squats doen and spreads her legs apart when she pee-pee's. One time my wife said maggie uses a wide base to pee, and I thought that was funny.

I know, I am strange and goofy. i make up nicknames for everything. My wife and I alays call eachother names. mainly we refer to eachother as "chicken", but I call her wolf, or hound, and she has funny names for me as well.

Any funny names you call your dogs by?

Maggie - flashy fawn, born 4/2000, natural ears, part human.


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That's a funny topic. I actually do the same thing. I have my first boxer, she's 8 months old, I've had her since she was 6 weeks. Zoe, is such a riot, always the character. I often call her Sis, because she's the baby sister to our 2.5 year old yellow lab. She usually replies to it, too.

My other name for her is precious (when she's being too cute) or princess (because she thinks she's human and I'm pretty sure she IS one, as far as she's concerned!) Our lives will never be the same. My husband was pretty sure he didn't want another dog, let alone a boxer. But once he saw her sweet face and heard her talk to him, she got in the car and came home with us then and there!

Adored by:
Zoe, 8 months, spayed, plain fawn (Aggressor)
Jake, 2.5 years, yellow lab (Mr. Passive)

sandy oakey

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I rarely call Nino by his real name. My husband can't believe he even knows his name. I mostly call him, pumpkin, pumpkin boy, sweet pea, boo boo, lover lump, baby boy, and bugger.


Debo is aka

Wiggle Butt
and Deeb-Dweeb! :D :D

Debo - 01/23/2000
Brindle, male, soft floppy ears
MamaCat - Linx Point Siamese
Peephole - My "junk" cat who eats with his paws
WANTED: Bi-Color Maine Coon Cat!


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I also go with beaner, for her kidney bean greetings. it is amazing she even knows her name. It seems like most of the time I actually use Maggie, she has done something bad. Maybe she won't like her name.

Maggie - flashy fawn, born 4/2000, natural ears, part human.


My Bridget is sometimes called, MEE MOO, Tank, and Old Girl

My boy, Killian, is called BOO BEAR, BABY BOO, and Killy Willy

My other girl, Darcy, is called, Wild Thing, Darcy Doodle, Darcy Parcy, and most of all BAD GIRL!

Bridget - 7 1/2 yr. old flashy fawn female cropped and docked (the enforcer)

Killian - 4 yr. old dark brindle male dark mask cropped and docked (big love bug)

Darcy - 2 1/2 yr. old flashy brindle female cropped and docked (wild thing)
We call Draco ..Drugzee, Dracula, draconian, Draconid, Cheetah (cause he walks like one), Brave Hond (dutch), Bien Chein (french), Kukkur (dog in Bengali..Indian language), hound, dog, doggie, Boy, baby, sweetie name a few!!!

Poppy--(Judy Old Flame Of Jojupama):Fawn, Female, FloppyEars, DockedTail....Rainbow Bridge
Draco:fawn male with black mask, natural ear and natural tail (long wiggly tail!!), neutered..Adopted on August 26th, 2000 from the Lone Star Boxer Rescue

Boxer Crazy

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Keisha: My favorite NN for Keisha is Maggs, but she also gets Keisha Magoo, Magoo, Baby girl, buba girl, flat head, wiggle butt, slobber puss.
Travis: The Travler, Travie boy, Trav, baby boy, stinky, buba.
Riley: Riler pup, Riler girl, Riles, The bug, bug, the ratter dog, rat, spike.
Sammie: Sam, Sammie Girl, Sammer
I know there are more but these are all I can think of right now. These guys will come to almost anything!!!

Keisha - March 8/98 - female plain brindle with cropped ears
Travis - May 14/00 - male flashy fawn with natural ears.
Sammie - approx 11 yr. F/S Beagle X
Riley - March 8/97 - F/S tri-color, long haired chihuahua
Ed - the cat

Bxrlvr in KC

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Clyde: Clydester, Wiggle Butt, BAD BABY BOXER BOY, Drip Mouth, Clydesdale, Clyde Man, Mama's Boy

Cricket: Bug-Bug, Bug, Mama's favorite girl, Crickers, Liongirl (see our pictures for explanation)


Mom to:
Clyde - Flashy fawn male, natural ears, 3/28/98
Cricket - Beautiful rescued black mutt, 1/98
I am not convinced my dogs even know their real names :D The other day my husband yelled Tato and Amaya came running :)

Brutus- Bru, Brufasa, Brubus, Bub, Bubba Gadush
Amaya- Maters, Tato, Tato May May, Baby dog, may
Both dogs- Baby chickens, Boxers, banshees

Brutus & Amayas Mom
Brutus 9/23/99 Flashy Fawn
Amaya 3/22/00 Flashy Brindle
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