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Eric Hiles

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Good evening! I am Eric Hiles and I live in Missouri Valley, IA which is on the Southwest side just North of Omaha, NE. I am 29 years old and married with a 2 year old boy. I am currently without a Boxer. I had to have my last one, Sly, put down do to Lymphoma in October least I think that is how it's spelled. Anyway he was a 11 year old Male Brindle. Best dog I ever had. Anyway I found this site a couple weeks ago and really like it. I plan to get another boxer soon and have one general question for everyone. What do you all do during the day when you are at work. Previously with Sly there was always someone home with him however now that can not happen. So what do you all do with your boxers during the day???


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Hi Eric,
Welcome to the board! This is a great place with good people and a lot of information about boxers. It is really fun too! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how hard it is to lose these babies. I am glad to see that you are thinking of getting another. I have two babies. My six year old has the run of the house while I am at work. My pup is in his crate while I am at work and will probably stay that way for a while yet. I have started leaving him out of his crate when I am only going to be gone for a little while. And gradually make the time longer. They will do things that make you mad but you just have to laugh when they look at you the way they do. I just try my best to look at the house on a boxer level. And try to keep things they could get hurt on up as much as possible. Well I hope you get a new baby. Good luck. Keep us posted :)


Hi Eric and welcome! I had a cat I grew up with that I had for 14 years that I had to put down a few years back; I'm sorry to hear about Sly. Hopefully you'll find another Boxer soon.
We either leave Ruby in her crate (if absences are shorter than six hours) or she stays in our backyard, which is fenced. Crating is an excellent idea.
Eric, Lacie stays in her crate while I am away from home. Are you thinking of buying a puppy or looking at a rescue? Crates are a exellent place for any dog to be kept and if you get a puppy, it really helps with the house breaking.Not to mention having to worry about your house being destroyed while you are gone. lol

Timmy S.

Welcome Eric! You will find this site very informative and interesting at the same time. Everyone on the board is very friendly and willing to help. I noticed you live close to Omaha. I lived in Lincoln, NE for 9 years. I'm a soon to be Boxer owner, so I can't give you my two cents worth regarding your question, but we plan on crating Maddy when we are not home. Good luck with your new puppy, whenever you decide to get one!
Hi Eric!
Welcome to the board! You'll love all the things you find here!
Sorry about Sly...but I'm glad to hear you'll look from another boxer soon.
We have kept our Boxer, Bitsy Boodle, in our bedroom for the day with the door shut. Of course, she is close to her food/water and toys and our bed! So far she is fine when we have to do that. Someone told me to leave the TV on so she hears "voices" to keep her calm. I usually leave the "weather channel" on...I guess it helps, so hasn't torn up anything.

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Welcome to the Board, Eric. I'm sure you'll find answers to all your questions here, plus have lots of fun and meet lots of great people too.

I think crating is your best bet. Dogs need a place to call their own and if you crate from the beginning, they have such a place in their crate. And as said above, you don't have to worry about destructive behavior while you're at work or away from home. It works out best for both you and the dog.

Good luck and keep us posted on your search for a new Boxer friend.

Julie Davis

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Hi, Eric, and welcome! :) I put Boomer in my small, downstairs bathroom when we're not home. I keep that bathroom pretty bare, except for Boomer's bed, so there's nothing for him to get into. If I were to leave him loose when I was gone, my house would be in shambles when I returned. There have been a few occasions when we left him out because we were only going to be gone a half hour or so. BIG MISTAKE!! Best of luck in choosing your new Boxer.
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