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Hi. My husband and I are getting a new puppy, Chloe, on Thursday. My mother-in-law has two older boxers (Tyson-5, Blossom-4). We would very much like them all to get along, since we spend a lot of time at her house (and sometimes dog-sit when she goes away) and leaving Chloe at home will not be an option.
Any suggestions on how to make an easy transition? Blossom won't be a problem, but Tyson is grouchy around puppies. And jealous of attention given to others.


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Just a couple of suggestions. Introduce them on neutral ground. Tyson will consider his house to be his territory and maybe your house as well and you don't want him to think of Chloe as being an intruder on his turf. Always give Tyson attention first. You want to reinforce his dominance so he won't get so jealous. And lastly don't allow Chloe to harass Tyson too much.

Good luck with Chloe and please tell us all about her when you get her.

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