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Hi all ---- new to board-I have read below message about food for my new pup,I pick up on Monday.But I have no idea what Nutro etc is or were to get it.... I live in rural NSW near Bathurst so don't now were to get these suggestions.....I thought that fresh cooked mince with veges was a good meal????? Also I have no idea what dry dogfood to get.... My last boxer---who died of Cancer last month--- would only eat Pal meatie bites Veges & mince...... Any help to this new Dad would be greatly appreciated


Hello and welcome! So sorry to hear about your loss and happy for the new baby you're about to get!! Nutro is a brand that alot of folks here feed and it can be found at most all pet stores like Petsmart, Petco, etc. Is NSW - New South Wales?? If so, I suppose you could find a large Pet shop near you and ask if they have Nutro. Also, surf the net and see if they have a web site and ask them where to purchase it near you. I feed Iams Large Breed Puppy Formula. As for mince and veggies, post on the BARF (bones and raw food) board...they know lots about that!


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So what the deal with Nutro. I use Iams large breed puppy. Is Nutro better? Does anyone know the major differences.


Nutro is great!!
They use no by-products in their food.

We started out with Science Diet, then heard about Nutro and switched right away.
We use Nutro Natural for Large Breed Puppies. Striker loves it. It'd be safe to say that the majority of people on this board feed their dogs Nutro.

You can find it at any large pet stores, and at,, and have it shipped to you.
For more information go to:

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by pjas:
I thought that fresh cooked mince with veges was a good meal?????<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hi, you may like to check out a BARF diet as well
These websites have some good info:

Are you quite close to Bathurst? If so, Dr Ian Billinghurst, the vet who wrote "Give Your Dog A Bone" practices in Bathurst so it may be an idea to make an appointment with him to discuss your puppies diet
I'm sorry about the loss of your Boxer
We would love to hear all about your new puppy.


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Don't forget the internet, my last three bags of Nutro I've gotten delivered to the door! If you wait for a $'s off coupon you can pay the same price as going and getting it from the store ( or close to) less the time and gas. But if your dog ends up like mine he wouldn't want to miss the trip to the pet store!!! Great way to socialize your dog and of course shop for treats and

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