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Let me preface by saying I usually do not go to Pet Stores where they sell animals....Especially Puppies, Kitties, bunnies etc...

Well a new petstore just opened down the street from me, not a petco or petsmart it seems to be a privately owned store. I drove by a couple times "looked" like a reputable place I didn't see any animals...So I went yesterday to check it out...

OMG!!!!! About 4 feet into the store I am first greeted by a big bird cage full of kitties....:(

Just beyond the kitties, are tank fulls of puppies.....there were about nine puppies behind glass.....

So I go to leave and I see it, sticking out from under the news paper is nothing but a lil fawn nub.....:( :( oh's like a car accident you want to just look away and run but you often slow down and look....i draw closer and see that yes it is a lil female boxer baby with the most beautiful markings, she had a perfect white necklace....

all the other puppies are spazzing out, so she pops her head out through the pile of shredded news paper and comes over and starts licking the glass.....

I did take her out and love on her and I apologized to her that this was the life she ended up with....

Point of this rambling post....remind me again why you don't buy Pet Store dogs....(not even once :rolleyes: )


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Where do you go to buy your supplies and things if you dont go to stores that sell animals? Every pet store ive ever been in has had some kind of animals for sale. Maybe someday they will modify the animal cruelty laws to include caged pet stores and leave the puppy sales to experienced breeders.

Oh, buying from a perstore would just reenforce the fact that selling puppies bred purely for profit is a good thing, not that all puppies sold at petstores are from puppy mills. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. A friend of my brother has a mastiff pup he got from a petstore, besdies the fact he way overpaid(apprx. 1500) the puppy seems to be a healthy very good specimen of the bull mastiff breed.


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We have a lot of mouths to feed in our house. We always go to the same pet store. They do sell small animals such as birds, hamsters and fish, but no puppies or kittens. We like them because we had inquired about buying tarantulas there a few years ago. The owner told us that he didn't feel he knew enough about tarantulas to carry them and referred us to someone that did. We really respected that and shopped there ever since for our feeder bugs, bird food (yes, each of my birds eat a different type of food!!) and now our dog food. I have been told that there are a few local feed stores that carry Nutro for a good price. I have considered going there to buy dogfood but haven't yet. The pet store is closer and keeps better hours for me. I guess we are lucky to have a place like that so close. I heard there was another shop in town that opened up that DID carry puppies. I haven't had the heart to go in there yet.

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Check out your local boarding kennel. I have one near me that sells the high quality kibble and pet supplies. They dont sell any animals, just supplies, grooming services and boarding.


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I go to a Pet Store called "Especially for Pets" the only animals they have in their our Kittens for fish, no reptiles, no mice nothing living or breathing in there is for sale....

This pet store happens to be 45minutes from my house, so i thought I might get lucky and the new pet store would carry Wellness but it doesn't....just poor puppy mill puppies...:(


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Originally posted by nogoer
Where do you go to buy your supplies and things if you dont go to stores that sell animals? Every pet store ive ever been in has had some kind of animals for sale.

Places like PETsMART and Petco do sell animals, but not dogs or cats. They support animal shelters and encourage you to adopt from them.

Our local PETsMART has a room for kitties from two local humane societies. They get a lot more exposure and are more likely to be adopted. I believe they have dogs from the shelters every now and then, too, but I haven't seen them yet.


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I know exactly what you mean!!!! I went thru the same exact thing a few months ago and it broke my heart. I did also give the owner a peice of my mind when I asked how long they would keep her if she didn't sell, and was told "till she sells". The only solution for me is not to go back in. I balled forever when I left. My husband was like just get her, and I tried to explain why I couldn't. I had visited her a couple of times and finally she was sold and low and behold there were two more in her place, and that is why we can't! I truly hate those stores!



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i absolutely hate going to the mall ... b/c both of the malls in the area have those pet stores with the puppies and kittens and it just breaks my heart!!! a friend of ours wanted to buy a puppy there and i told them not to!!!! i told them to look into getting one from a breeder... that's also the reason why i buy all my pet supplies at wal-mart... i don't even want to support the stores by buying any supplies in them...and if we need something special ... i'll take the 20 min. drive to petco...just not to go there!!!


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I know, I know. Just don't go back Trudy. I refuse to go into those places. You know in your heart you can't buy her. She'll just be replaced with another . . . and you'll have a baby who will likely end up with health problems galore. (Think: $1,200 HP surgery).

It's so frustrating. But, we can pacify ourselves by doing our part - telling people about pet stores and BYB and rescue organizations, etc. Donate time and supplies or foster a rescue dog. Doing stuff like that, as much as I can, makes me feel lots better. If we all did something . . . we'd accomplish lots. I'm just glad to be on BW where so many do so much . . . :)


The best thing to do is boycott the store and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
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