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Hi all, Just wanted to intorduce myself and my Boxer Sasha, she is almost two and brindle and white female and just the best baby you could want. This site is fantastic for all your boxer questions and just to look at. Thanks for all your hard work and the dedicated members. Hope to hear from you all soon.


Lava Linda

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Don't you love this site? I've learned so much, and made new friends. I'm looking forward to hearing all about Sasha!!

I like the name of your town, Wagga Wagga. Does it mean something in another language?

Love them brindles, eh??? ;) You can see Gilroy and Purdy in the photo gallery, on the members page under LavaLinda. Does Sasha look anything like my babies?
Have a nice day! :D

Linda, proud mother of:
Gilroy - 5 y.o. brindle male, natural ears, gentle as a lamb :)
Purdy - 5 y.o. spayed flashy brindle, natural ears and tongue
Michaela, Boss and Tonka, waiting at the bridge


Welcome! Welcome! You will love this board. Sounds as though you do already!


Ruby- Flashy Fawn, Black Mask,Cropped, 5/1998

Julie Davis

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Welcome! This board is great, isn't it? I just love reading all the posts. Looking foward to hearing more from you. :)

Boomer, flashy fawn, 2/19/00, natural ears, docked tail and Baxter the terrible tabby, 3/96
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