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Our boxer is 7 or 8; he was a rescue and we love him dearly. Ollie is the ruler of the house, kind of like a toddler. He demands attention, and of course, we give it to him. Ollie has seizures and is on thyroid medication, is anemic, and the best friend of everyone at the Vets. We are lucky to have him. Boxers are the best dogs in the world!


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welcome to BW!! appicon glad to hear you got a rescue and that Ollie has found his forever home! and he is also very lucky to have you as well! Boxers are deffinately the best!


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Hello and welcome to BW!! I think we have to agree with you, "boxers are the best in the world"! Enjoy the forums - Cathy


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Welsome to Boxerworld!
Ollie...what a cute name! coolicon
How old was Ollie when you got him?
You'll have to post some pics (I still haven't gotten around to it myself!!)
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