new boxer with lots of trouble need help URGENTLY!!

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Hi everybody on this list,
Well i will tell u my story . i went to a pet shop and saw this boxer really suffering so i gathered up some money to buy it and took it to a vet well he treated it for diioreah and vomitting well luckyly its vomitting is stopped but the diioreha has not come down.
so i changed my vet cos it came to a stage where he got dehydrated so i had to give him a drip well after that he was well he had his food properly .
well now he does not eat anything well i give him some boiled chicken and rice he does want it i give him some puppy food he does not want that then i gave him some puppy pellets he does not want that to. so h i had to take him to the vet again to see what the problem was .cos he has a loose stool .but not diiaroeah cos in diaroeah its uncontrolable passing of stool and very watery.but his is not like he has a loose stool but its not watery .
well i took him to the vet again and he gave me some antivermin and a six day course of antibiotics so he under that now .but at present the problem is dehydration he does not drink water and the doctor has told me not to give milk as it could upset his stomach .so i really dont know what to offer him and he is very week now.and the doc said that sometimes it could be some congenital problem but he said for the time being he ruling out all that (cos firstly its too expensive to run the test and i can't seem to afford it and he said if ther is no other option then i will have to do some thing)we r rulling out all that possibilities.
so now anyway he is with me but he is not doing fine as he is like drowsy all the time and he so thin i can count his bonesand he does not eat anything well about the fluids i keep giving him eletrlytes thru a syring and i am supposed to give him around 500ml a day whcih i try but it is qutie difficult.
so what i want you'll to do is help me oput here as in diagnosing the problem or how do i get it to eat ,can ifeed it milk or anything of that sort i mean he has to start eating soon otherwise its going to be really bad .and one more thing he only passes his 3 or 4 times a day but the problem is that its loose so he keep loosing water.and yess i forgot the day i go t him he was passing his stool well but he was weak thats the main reason i bought him (i really felt sorry for him ther were 2 but i could only afford one).so please help somehow or the other pls i really dont want to loose him .i love him a lot i really have no idea of what to if any of u could help me out in someway or the other it would be reall nice .i mean i am not asking for financial help just with all u guys experience u can tell me what to please do help .i know this letter is really long sorry if i bored u .its only cos i need help and it would be nice if u could reply to or on this message board
bye seeya
love benny


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When I have had dogs that wouldn't eat I have prepared my own food. I have made a weak chicken or beef broth and added rice or noodles to make a watery soup. Chicken and rice are best. Sometimes I've added a spoonful of sugar, anything to tempt them to eat. With one elderly dog, I force fed her. It was that or she would have died. It was my mother's toy poodle and Mom was out of town. When the dog was taken ill, I took her to the vet where she was treated. But she wouldn't eat and was going downhill. They said that if she didn't eat soon, she'd die. She wouldn't eat for me either. I would put a tiny bite in her mouth and gently massage her throat and talk to her. After a few bites, she ate a few bites on her own. There were several, maybe 3 meals this way before she started eating on her own.

Has your dog been wormed? That will can draw them down badly and when they get to a certain point they don't want to eat.

I'll hope for the best for you and your dog.


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hi paula,
thanks a lot for your support so u r telling me that i should force feed it well i guess i haveto try that too so its just boiled chicken and rice ok i will ive him that although its the same thing what i have been giving him but he does not seemto have it well lets see if i can force feed it.
yes he has been wormed it was yeterday well norammly if ther is something it is supposed to come out when he poops but nothing did come out .well let see i will force feed him and see
and hey thank u very very much for your help and thanks for taking time to read and reply to me thnak u


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Benny, I am so sorry to hear about your sweety. Would it be okay to cross post this to another boxer board that I am on? I have given our dogs a dose of Pepto Bismal when they have had loose stools although unfortunately it sounds chronic in your case. I do not know if this can happen in dogs but I would assume it neice suffered with something called antibiotic associated diarrhea. She had been given an antibiotic for another illness and it caused her to suffer from terrible loose stools for about a year. She was even hospitalized at Johns Hopkins University and tested for many things. She was only about 6 at the time. She had an intestinal virus called Giardia. It is a bacteria that you get from water. I do know that dogs can also suffer from this. Maybe you could take a stool sample and have them test it. This bacteria in and of itself can cause severe diarrhea. Good luck, and I think you are doing a wonderful deed by trying to help this dog.



Sorry to hear your baby is sick. I don't have any answers for you but can tell you what I did and maybe you can find something that can help in your situation.

My story - Debo had Parvo - the symptoms were much what you explained. Debo is still with me today :)

I couldn't afford to leave him in the vet for at 3 to 7 day treatment so I helped at home:

I syringe fed him baby food (lamb or chicken or chicken/rice in a blender) and only gave him about 1-2 tablespooons every hour or throughout the day 24 hours a day! (more if he held it down - less if he didn't) and also syringe fed him water and pedilyte & gatoraide in between the food. I alternated with my husband and stayed home with him. There were times when I could not feed or water him for hours at a time.

I also had the vet put the V-fluids under his skin (YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF - get the materials from your vet and SAVE $$$ that you will need later) The V-fluids are the drip - Debo had this 4 days in a row. One bag a day - you can do it yourself, get the needle, line, and bags from your vet.

It took three days of 24 hour car to get him hydrated again.

Good luck with your baby. Did they do any tests at all???

You said your baby won't drink, try ice and gatoraide (Debo didn't like Pedilyte which is probably better) or popcycles.

try feeding him baby food (gradually moving up to the stages kind) Debo did well on this.

I wish you all the luck and patience with your baby!

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Everything that has been recommended is very worthwhile. I don't know if you have the products where you live, but surely the vet can check the stool sample and can recommend some medicine comparable to the Pepto Bismol. It does several things, settles stomachs and stops diarrhea. If you don't have jarred baby food, you could grind the food you're giving into very small particles, basically making it into a watery paste that you could then give by syringe.

Keep us posted. We hoping for the best.


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It's really important that you get your puppy to eat and take fluids. Fluids are probably more important than food. Don't give milk as that can cause diarrhea. Baby food would be a really good idea if you can get it or mix food up in a blender as Badassboxer suggested. You want it to be really fine so that it is easy to digest.

I really hope your puppy is feeling better soon.

I going to move this topic to the "Dog Health Issues and Questions Forum" as you may get more help there.

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