New boxer owner in AZ!

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Hello all! My family and I are the new owners of a 1 yr old fawn, male boxer that we named Rocky and I am a new member of BW. He is FULL of energy and life and is so happy to have a family. He was given to us by an elderly couple that took him in a month or so ago because the original owner was not caring for him properly.

I have a couple of questions for everyone:
Rocky's tail was not docked when he was a puppy. Should I consider getting it done, or is it unnecessary and harmful at this point?
Also, Rocky's tongue sticks out when he closes his mouth sometimes and he doesn't even seem aware of it. Is it a medical condition to be worried about or just something harmless and comical that he was born with?

Thanks for your help and comments!
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Welcome to BW. In answer to your questions I would say no to the docking now, he is a year - too much trouble and too much pain for what it is actually worth. As for the tongue, I guess if he's not bothered by it then it is fine. He may just have a larger tongue and his mouth isn't big enough for it :) if you are truly trouble by it or feel he is then check with your vet. Good luck.


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Hi there and welcome. We too recently became parents of a boxer by way of a shelter. She is amazing!! And also has her natural tail. I called our vet to see about having it cropped now that she is 10 mos old. To my surprise our vet would not even consider doing it unless it was medically necessary, he said it could be very painful for her because all the nerves are now developed. Well, that was a good enough answer for me! Don't need to cause my baby any pain!! And that tail will really grow on you after awhile! So much emotion shows through with that tail! If you think their eyes gives off expressions you should see what they can do with a tail!!


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Hi aorona and welcome to BW! We are owned by Storm who is also 1 year old. I think I would rather her have a tail and know my vet would not dock at 1 yr old. They are bringing in laws here in NZ to stop docking.

Storm also often has her tounge out with mouth shut - espically when she is sleeping, it doesn't seem to be any problem.

Enjoy BW - its wonderful!


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Hello and welcome to BW!! So happy that Rocky has now found a permanent home with you. As for the tail, I would most definitely leave it long. Our Mya was just a cute as could be even with her tail - you should have seen it when she was jelly beaning! Thumper's tongue also hangs out when she is sleeping, and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Enjoy your furbaby, they grow so fast - Cathy


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Hi there and greetings from the Kapiti Coast. Rocky sounds wonderful just the way he is and our dogs' tongue hangs out as well. It's amazing just how long their tongues are and you can see the full extent of it when they pant. Don't worry about it-they sure are comical! There is an undocked Boxer in our area and he looks very interesting. Knowing how so many people feel about docked tails, I can see N.Z. passing a law pretty quickly to ban it. We have a wee fawn female at obedience and she put her paws on my shoulders and gave me a thorough washing yesterday. She was in her owners vehicle at the time which is why she could reach me so easily. But all the Boxers I've seen are absolutely gorgeous. I could take little miss fawn home with me any time. So enjoy Rocky and BW and learn heaps as we all have.
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