New Boxer Mom - surprise present!

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Congrats on the little bundle of energy! Can't wait to see some BaBy pics ;)

lots of *wiGGles* from SoPhIe too!


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Hello and welcome to our online Boxer family! Siren sends welcome wiggles to y'all! The site is easy to use and the moderators are fair and helpful! The other boxer lovers are funny and honest – don’t be afraid to ask questions and share stores! Come on in and enjoy - the more you participate the more you'll love being here!


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Welcome from Bonnie Scotland.

This is a great forum and I'm sure you'll love it :)

Good luck!


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appicon Welcome another Ontarian to BW boy there sure are a lot of new boxer people from Ontario. I am from Ontario too!!!


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BoxerMom999 said:

I have recently become a Boxer Mom!! I have waited many years for a boxer but held off due to work commitments. On July 1st my brother SURPRISED me with a 7 week old pup! Needless to say - my advice is NEVER give someone a pup without prior approval. Why my brother did this is totally unknown to me - he is not a spontaneous or unthinking type of person.

However, we are infatuated. She is staying. I have been visiting BoxerWorld for a couple of years and reading and learning.

Wish me luck.
Welcome to BW,
This is the place you'll find answers to all your questions, and if it can't be answered friends will try to point you in the right direction. Enjoy the site .
no luck needed just patience.

Thanks for caring,
Abbey's Daddy,
Floppy and Docked,
~Abbey 5-30-06~


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I'd say that brother was using his noggin' on this one!! He knew you couldn't resist! This is the one gift that will never be forgotten in your heart! Welcome from Missouri! Shae sends wiggles and licks!
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