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Hello! I new to Boxer World and new to the growing list of Boxer fanatics! I recently adopted my first boxer from Boxer Rescue and have totally fallen for the breed! What a fantastic dog, baby, child, playmate, (ect, ect, ect). I have a hard time imagining how this little girl (between 1 and 1.5 yrs) could have ever ended up in a shelter.


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I think it's really great that you decided to get a Boxer as a pet, but it's even better that you adopted one from a rescue organization. We are definitely going to do that next time - I can't think of a better cause. Good luck with your new baby! There's lots of great info posted on this site everyday that can really help out people that are new to the breed. (your signature didn't show up - be sure to check the box for Show Signature after you type your message)

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Welcome! I also think of all the Boxers in need of homes and can't believe some do not have a loving home. You will enjoy this board; addictive as it is.


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WELCOME!!! You have found a great website for Boxers and friendship. We have had Buddy for 7 years, and last week brought home our 2 year old Kailee, who we adopted from Rescue. Congratulations on your adoption!


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Welcome to the board, JR.
I too do not understand how boxers can end up in a shelter. When I was in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to visit LA Boxer Rescue and there were around 40 boxers. Two of them looked old but still very playful. I hope they could find a family to adopt them.

Good for you. We live in Ft lauderdale. Maybe we can all meet and get the dogs together.Our boy is 1yr old brindle with big floppy ears.Keep in touch Email

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From one Florida boxer lover to another...welcome to the forum! There are lots of friendly people on this board, and lots of good info. I have a nine month old flashy red fawn male named Boomer, who is an absolute JOY!!! Boxers are SO MUCH FUN!! I hope you post again.
Julie in Pensacola

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