New Baby Boxer...Very Proud Owner/Dad

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My husband and I were with a group of friends at the beach friday when a teenage boy walked down the beach with a dog (all we could see was the leash). He was down by the water and the sand was high so we couldn't see who he was walking....the dog was so small we were thinking a chihuahua or something else teeny. It was an eight week old fawn Boxer boy with floppy ears!!!! I ran over to say hi and the baby was just too happy to see me. Of course my husband came over and we both told the owner what a great choice he made. He was beaming; he was so proud. He said it was the baby's first time out on the leash, he was biting the leash most of the time. So cute!!! We wished him well, gave him all sorts of unsolicited advice and went back to tell all our friends, once again, what great dogs Boxers are.


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Isn't owning a boxer like a special club. We have never passed another boxer without going to greet them and have had countless other boxer owners do the same to us when we walk Barney.

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Having a Boxer is definately being a member of an elite group. My Maximus is 11 weeks old now and I can't take him anywhere without another boxer owner wanting to pet him. It makes me so proud. I also stop other boxers and there owners to pet them too. I love having a boxer!!!

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I agree..we are a unique group all our own. There is no friendlier group than the boxer owners of the world!

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I agree - Boxer owners are special people - just as friendly as the dogs! I met a lady in a Canadian Tire store with a T-shirt on with a picture of her Boxer and we ended up chatting for a half hour - about our Boxers!!She was a complete stranger .. but we both commented how Boxers owners are prone to 'friendliness' !!!!

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