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Hi everyone
You guys are very helpfull to me cause Rocky is my first dog ever.
I am thinking of getting him fixed :( Now, its not like he is humping everything that moves, just my roomate's doberman. The doberman is 2 weeks younger and about 10 pounds heavier so its not like he is taking advantage of him. and he doesnt actually "do it" When they wrestle, rocky kinda grabs from behind, gets in position, and thats it. no humping motions or anything also. just both of them standing there looking stoooopid. Could that be dominance related instead of sexual??? also if rocky is fixed, is his development going to change (size, weight, muscle, anything). what age is a proper age to do that? and do they actually cut the testicles off?
any help would be appreciated
thanks a lot


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Hi Stan,

The mounting may be dominance related, and it may just be play. Unless the Doberman is in season, it's probably not sexual :) You didn't mention how old Rocky is....puppies do this all the time, it's just normal puppy stuff. (You may also see him grabbing the Dobe's hind leg and shaking it like he's trying to rip it right off!)

Neutering can be done anytime from 6-8 weeks of age, depending on your vet. The "traditional" age is 6 months. There are lots of myths about neutering and what it will do - don't believe them! Neutering may have a calming effect on some dogs, but I haven't noticed it in mine. Early neutering (before "puberty" or the traditional 6 months) may actually cause Rocky to grow taller than average - but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm sure there's a good website about is somewhere and I'm sure someone here knows what it is :)

And yes, they remove the testicles - they leave the scrotal sac there, but it will shrink with time.



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