Needing a home for "Buddy"

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I took this puppy in 2 months + ....he needed a good home. (more to the story but too long) He is VERY loving to everyone ....SWEET SWEET SWEET.. :( I'm so sad that I have to put him up for adoption. BUT my spouse and I work all day, and for the next 3 months my kids are in school sports and other activities that will take up 3/4th of the week nights and weekends. This puppy deserves someone who can take care of him and train him completely. If I keep him he will b in a crate almost all day

...I love him as much as I do my own kids, I don't want to have to send him somewhere where they may not be able to ''keep'' him for 'more than a week or two'...which I believe is my only choice for this rural area. I know all you here at boxerworld love boxers..or other dogs. So I'm hoping I can find him that loving forever home

White male, just turned 1 year, we had him fixed a month ago, house trained, minimal chewing things (he IS young).....he is great with our 5 year old boxer - no fights and they seem to love each other, not sure about cats, ..........HATES being in the crate (I believe if someone is with him they could train him-I'm not home enough)- anything he can get ahold of while in there he tears up, otherwise while loose, he has not destroyed or chewed on anything.

more info available if someone is interested


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What part of Southern Illinois are you in? Also could you e-mail me pictures......My brother-in-law is a boxer lover, but has been laid off work so he doesn't have the money for a boxer, We want to get him one. please e-mail me @ we do not allow the posting of email on this board
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I would suggest that you contact a boxer rescue to find a new home for Buddy. You can not use this board to find a new home for him. Sorry!
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