Need some expert advice on my possible new dog

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Joan I.

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The show sounds fun. I actually did show my Baylee when she was a wee girl. It's been many years...

This show is going to be in Calgary, where I live, however I think I may be in Vancouver that week-end, working a spa trade show. If not you know I will be there with bells on. Who knows, I may find out that Kaylee loves dog shows! Baylee sure did; loved all the attention. Isn't that strange, the spelling of Baylee's name was somewhat unusual, (not the usual Bailey,) and look at Kaylee's name. One letter off. Sometimes it's hard not to say Baylee when I mean Kaylee.

I will get my husband to bring his digital camera home from work tomorrow, and post some pix on Friday!

I swear Kaylee is burning off weight here, with all the stairs in this house, and active kids to chase around. Poor thing hardly ever sleeps! Hopefully she will get used to the constant noise of the kids, and begin to sleep right though it at some point. The breeder gave me enuff food for one week. (B.A.R.F. diet,) and she did up her amount. I am intending to continue the diet. I just need to get all the eqiupment and food into my house!

Thanks for the replies; I LOVE the posts. Feels like a whole lot of great support throughout this new time for me and my family, from the death of my two beloved buddies, to the decision on Kaylee. And beyond! Thanks again!


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I've just read all the messages here and I'm glad to see at the end of it that you brought Kaylee home with you. She sounds great - can't wait to see the photo's!

Joan I.

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Kaylee won't be bred!

Hi everyone!

Well, kind of interesting, that last post mentioned keeping one of Kaylee's pups, and we had just been talking about that, and then today a new development. My former husband actually owns a puppy of Kaylee's, ( 6 months old.) I just found this out today. Knew he had the pup, but neither of us figured out she was one of Kaylee's. Anyway, she got sick a couple of days ago, (the puppy,) and vet said her red blood cell count was low, and figured it could be because she wasn't absorbing the iron from her food, (BARF diet,) or could be a genetic factor. The breeder had a problem with another one of her bitches's puppies with problematic tummy stuff, again, vet thought it was related to the diet, and advised not to give her puppies the raw food. Safe after one year old, but maybe not under.

The breeder decided that she wouldn' risk the possibility of a genetic factor, and called me today and said I could spay Kaylee. Wow! After one week, and now she will be home here for always! I respect the breeder cause even tho these problems could be dietary in nature, she won't take the chance on producing puppies with any problems. I am very happy Kaylee will just stay with us now, (although funny as it seems, in a way I had resigned myself to the breeding and was kind of looking forward to those cute puppies, and a possible option to keep one...)

But hey, so great for Kaylee, and kudos to the breeder who is letting us have her with no charge, and no litter. (The breeder is now putting all her puppies off the raw food diet til one year old, in case you are interested.)

I actually already scheduled the spaying for this coming Tues, cause she will be coming into heat any day and I want to get the jump on that if possible. Feel bad that after 10 days with us she will go off for surgery, but better that than have to take her thru a heat for nothing.

By the way, you would not believe what a great dog this Kaylee is! So soft, so entirely sweet, obedient, kind, gentle, quiet, just a total sweetie. Can you tell I'm falling in love with her?!

I do still miss Buster and Baylee so. (It was a month yesterday that Buster left me.) Still have tears about them... However Kaylee does help , gives me a soft boxer to hug and snuggle with.

I know, I don't have pix yet! My husband brought the digital camera home today, however he has to email the pix back from work cause we don't have a floppy disc drive here at home, and the camera uses floppys. I'm going to see if my Dad can come over with his this week-end, and hopefully I'll have some pix to post very soon!

You know, it's funny, I had this feeling about Kaylee that if we just took her, everything would work out in the end, and that maybe she wouldn't get bred. I feel bad for the breeder, cause she did produce such lovely pups last time, but I am happy that Kaylee won't have to leave us, ever again, until her life is done. I hope she lives another 10 years!

Thanks everyone!



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What a turn around. The breeder seems like a really great lady... not wanting to take any chances like that. It really shows her love of the breed and how she only is breeding to better. :)
Yea, it's good you are gonna have it done before the first heat... it will be easier on all. I had to get my Bichon Frise spayed not long after I brought her home... she bounced back quickly though.
Best wishes to your family and Kaylee. :)
Wow! What a turn around! But it all turned out for the best in the end. :D

You have established a great relationship with an excellent breeder and got a great dog in the bargain for the cost of a spay!

I understand the dissappointment you are feeling right now, but that will pass. I had a stud all picked out for Cookie and where within a few months of having her bred when she got sick and we had to spay her. :( But it just wasn't meant to now we have a great looking couch tater and we couldn't be happier! I no longer have to confine her for weeks at a time :( , no messes on the furniture :rolleyes: and Cookie can go to the dog park when ever she wants!:D

I will eventually find a pup and start the proccess over (yes I AM crazy!:LOL: ) but I learned sooooo much the last few years with Cookie that the next time it won't be quite so long of a learning proccess. :)

You have learned alot in a short time and are a better informed boxer owner/lover for it. Perhaps you can pass on some of what you have learned to some one else and prevent an unwanted litter. I am sure that Kaylee will be as happy as a clam for the rest of her spoiled life.

Give her a big hug from Cookie & I! lovicon

Jennifer & Cookie


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I'm really glad to hear that things have worked out for you. I know you've been through a lot of ups and downs trying to decide what to do. This will be best for Kaylee - being in a good home with a loving family. I'm also glad to hear that the breeder is being so responsible. (And of course I hope the puppies Kaylee already had will not be too sick and that their families will still enjoy them for many, many years.) I dread the day when I no longer have my Dallas with me, but like you, I know that I'll need another boxer to love - not to replace ones that are lost, but just to have another source of boxer joy! I'm really glad you and Kaylee found each other. It seems like it was just meant to be this way!


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Wow it sounds like this lady is one of the rare few who actually care more about the animals she brings into this world than about money. That is so great. I am so happy for you that you went ahead and decided to go for it once you talked over your fears with the breeder. I envy you having a relationship with a breeder like that already for future pups (or those needing a home like kaylee)! It's hard to find someone like that you can trust to have nothing but the best intentions regarding the dogs she breeds and their welfare. After i read your post after you spoke to the breeder I was sure hoping you would take her. Everything sounds like it's gong great and I'm very happy for you!

Joan I.

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Pics of Kaylee up!

To everyone who followed the story of Kaylee, I finally have some pics set up! They are not the best, (the camera isn't great,) but still worth having a peek at!

Kaylee is doing well after her spay on Tuesday; pretty much bounced back. We are loving her, and know she is such a gift!

Thanks for all your support, and let me know how you like the pics!


Here they are, (there's a few):

(Photo gallery/home/brindle boxers...I think! I am still not sure how to find my way around on the photo part. I know the above is the address for one shot, but there are more shots; I guess you can find them under my user name?? Does anyone know if simply putting the address in like I did above enables the reader to just click on it and it sends them there, or is there a special way to put in an address so it becomes a link?)

Joan I.

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Joan again/it works!

Ok, I tried clicking on my own post, and it worked! What a slick system! I am in awe of this boxer world website. There is SO much stuff on here!

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