Need help with the neighbor boy!

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Go that one step further, and video tape any action that you can. A motion pictures worth a million words. :)


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Even though I sound like an echo, it is definitely the parents' fault. AS a juvenile probation officer it is the story of my life, however, poor parenting skills means job security for me. Good luck with the neighbors, I agree to documenting what you have done in order to prevent any accidents. Cruelty to animals is a predictor of anti-social personality disorder.


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It's sad that we have to resort to privacy fences to keep unruly children out of our dogs' lives.
The teasing and cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor offense and I'd prosecute the parents for allowing it to happen. Get evidence, pictures, videos, etc.
We were never able to catch him at it, ut we suspected a neighbor boy of teasing our dog when he was chained up in the garage. Poor Rags hated men and boys until the day he died. I always felt sorry for that dog, he was a good dog.


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privacy fence wonr stop "big kids"

We have a similar problem, but our neighbors are grownups!!! We have a six foot privacy fence and they climb the back to see our dogs and tease them. They have two pitt bulls if they want to tease them, thats fine with me, but when they tease my dogs I get pissed! I've heard them saying,"there dogs are pussies, we need to rough them up, I wish this was a chainlink fence". I walked outside and gave them a piece of my mind. We moved to a nice quiet neighborhood because our neighbors at our townhouse were hillbillys,now I'm living next to thug wannabees,I give up! I guess my next move will be to Siberia!!


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I think if I had some of these issues, I would try to catch them in the act and then call the police. this is harrassment, and god forbid if your dogs get out and attack one of these brats, as long as you had it documented with the police, I dont think they would take any actions against you or the dogs. or atleast if it had to go to court or animal control. you have evidence.


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probably an unpopular opinion

I have a three year old daughter, whom my boxer Maggie loves dearly. I have watched the interaction between the two of them and I want to stress that I am not an expert but just trying to help.
Perhaps, the best way to handle this situation is to make freinds between the dog and the 2&1/2 year old and get them used to each other. Perhaps have them meet in a nuetral area like the front yard. The two year old is too young to have any idea that what he/she is doing is disruptive to the dog. Yes the Mother should be supervising her child, but a child will find the most ordinary things facinating at that age. The sound a stick makes when scrapped against the fence, a rock thrown across the yard, a shell, a bug, whatever. The two year old is too young to understand that this bothers your dog, the child may have just wanted to touch the dog and couldn't reach.
I know that this will not apply if the child is older, and has some level of understanding, but at two a child does not purposefully hurt anything.
Building a fence will not acclimate your dog to see the child as not a threat to his yard or himself, getting to know the child as a playmate will take away the fear that the dog is displaying.
My Maggie is very patient with my three year old, and seems to respect her as we had her train the dog commands as well as everyone else in the family.

Eddie's mom

Just to warn you what can happen: we had a dog Keesha (not a boxer) she was friendly til we moved to our house we have now. I live between the high school and the elementary school. Kids were always teasing her, barking at her, poking sticks etc. She became mean! Towards kids only. She started to snap at my kids! We had to get rid of her for my kids safety! We found her a wonderful home in the country with a family that had teenagers instead of small children....she is spoiled there !!!
We took our fence all down,(it was wood but with spaces between the boards) then we put it all back up with no spaces so the kids can't see in. We also fenced a seperate area for the dogs. I contacted the schools too. Then we got Eddie. A few have teased him but not as bad as before, if I catch one I YELL at them myself and call the school! I am probably the bi___ beside the school to them!! LOL


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Joanna, that would be a really good idea except for one thing. Do you really think that a mother who can't be bothered to supervise a 2 1/2 year old child, is going to make the effort to have the child meet the dog? Children have the attitude, that absence of a "no" must be a "yes". By ignoring the situation the mother is "teaching" her child that it is ok to torment animals is ok. It would be nice if neighbours could all get along, but both sides have to want to.

I think the idea of videos and a letter in triplicate (one to neighbour, one to council/police - nuisance thing - and one to keep) would be a great idea. Perhaps included in the letter you could make the offer that with the mother's help, you'd be happy for the dog and child to be friends.


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I have to agree with covering your butt with a letter and video if you can. It would be nice if you could acclamate the dog and the child as Joanna suggested but a 2 1/2 year old child does understand verbal commands and has the ability to follow them. When we tell my nieces NO, they know what no means. If this mother said No to the child (if she is even supervising this child) each time it teased the dog, the child is going to know that it's something he is not supposed to do. My sister has 2 dogs and 2 cats and my nieces and nephews have been taught from day 1 how to respect the animals and they never mistreat the dogs or cats. This behavior has been taught. I say cover your butt and become a nuisance to the authorities if you have to to make this stop. As far as the fencing , if you like your arrangement now, don't change it. Your neighbor is the one posing the threat and problem, they should fork out the dough and put up a privacy fence in their yard. It is high time parents start taking responsibility for their children and not society taking responsibility and trying to prevent things from happening. As long as we continue to do that, parents will continue not being responsible for their children. :mad: Personally, I would gather as much information as possible (educational) about children interacting with dogs, statistics regarding dogs being mean and attacking when being teased, etc. and do your part to educate your neighbor and copy your authorities on that. Best of luck and keep us posted :)


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My boyfriend and I just bought a house a huge fenced in yard and didn't think that we would have to worry about children unless they were our own, until we noticed many of our neighbors grandchildren running around. Yesterday, Tyson barked at a 9 year old little boy, and the little boy thought that Tyson was being mean, but Tyson just wanted to play and the little boy went running into the house and back out with an adult and was telling the adult how mean Tyson was and was saying to 'stay away from that dog,' and I was sitting right there watching this, then the kid continued to shake a stick at Tyson from about 50 feet away in another yard!! Finally, I stood up and went over to the fenced and asked the kid if he wanted to get closer to Tyson and pet him because Tyson was just dying to play with him and the kid was scared of him, so I thought I'd stand next to Tyson and let the kid be by him so he wouldn't shake the stick at him anymore. To make a long story short, but the end of the night, the little boy was playing fetch with Tyson, and saying he wished he had a dog just like him! That made me very proud!
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