Need advice...Will a harness keep a boxer from running free?

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I'm new to this board, however, I've been a silent reader for over 2 years now.

I will soon be moving from a house with four acres to a home in the city. While at work, Bonham has always been tied to a 150 foot trolley in the back yard. If he got loose, he would just visit the farm next door until I could pick him up. I've always used a traditional collar, but sometimes he can figure out the right way to slip it off his head.

My problem is that he will now be close to traffic, and I don't want to take the chance of him slipping out of his collar. (The house is a rental, so I can't put in a fence)

Would a harness put an end to this potential worry? If so, any suggestions on what kind I should look into?

Thanks in advance...any advice will be greatly appreciated.

April K

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I can't say that I would agree with my dogs on a trolley all the time, but, to ease your mind, my dogs have done fine with harnesses in a tie up. We use them when we are in the car for their seatbelts, and have also used them for day trips and camping trips to tie them up to overhanging tree limbs. They haven't had any problems with them but one - a dog is able to throw alot more muscle into a harness than a collar. Buster broke one of those tie down stakes in half and broke the weld so that he could chase down and meet another dog at a campsite.

Also, I think the harness would be more comfortable than a collar for tie up. Best wishes on the change of pace for your pup.

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