Need advice to fatten my new dog!

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Here is the scoop. We are getting a rescue puppy (hes 5 months) in a couple of weeks we will be going to pick him up. I just recieved some pictures in an email of him. The lady who is caring for him now says he is 35lbs. She said he might get to be 50lbs depending on his background. He looks really really skinny. I have read ALOT on here about nutrition which intrigues me but I am wondering specifically about my new puppy. I have never owned a boxer before and want him to be the healthiest he can be. Any advice?


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Hi *Bustersmom* -

The very best thing you can do for this puppy is to feed him a premium quality kibble (assuming you are not feeding BARF, which is another Forum) :) is a great resource on how to choose a good quality kibble.

Lots of people on Boxerworld seem to enjoy the following:

Chicken Soup
Solid Gold
Eagle Pack Holistic

Good luck


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Diesel was getting puppy chow from the breeder, she was a byb, but i didn't know that at the time. The vet said when we first got him he was too skinny and seemed small for his age. 8w 6lbs. We began the switch to chicken soup and he has been gaining weight and growing like a weed. I would recommend getting some good quality kibble.


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feed him some quality kibble such as the ones posted by courtney above.
schedule his feeding times and do not free feed.
eventually his genetics will take over and he will put on the appropriate weight that he needs. it's not a good idea to "fatten up" a dog since it will cause unnecessary strain on their joints during their growth cycle.


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I guess I didnt mean to say "fatten" I just couldnt think of a better word. I do want him to be healthy. And I can't wait to get him. I know right now the lady that has him is feeding him Iams and I so want to scream "NOOOO!! THE PEOPLE ON BOXER WORLD SAY NOT TO FEED HIM THAT!" So I can't wait to get him to wean him from the Iams onto something better. I thought about trying the Chicken Soup food. I think thats the one Im going to try first.
Thanks for all your advice


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10lb 14 week old brindle

I too want my little one to put some weight on. I've noticed a lot of comments on chicken soup. Silly question but is it soup or the name of the dog food?

Also, does anyone know how much they could gain in 1 month?


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It's a brand of food, go to your smaller Pet Food stores. It's wierd because even I thought well hmmmmm if you need dog food go to the big stores like Petco or Petsmart, but no offense to anybody but it's like buying an engagement ring from Walmart. The bigger stores just don't carry the quality that these smaller feed stores have. It's not that Iams is such a bad food (even though IMO it is) but there is just better out there and if you truly care about you pup and want the best for him there is better out there. Chicken soup is good, as well as the other mentioned above. I was feeding my pup Nutro Ultra, when I got her she was eating science diet, I switched her to Ultra and just last week I switched her to Canidae. After the Canidae I think I'm gonna cycle in a bag of the Innova EVO, then back to Canidae or I might try chicken soup or some of that Timber stuff. Also I heard Canidae was coming out with a fish flavored food. Anyways follow the labels advice on feeding, and judge your feeding using label guidelines, how they poop, and the old favorite their waistline. I got my pup from a rescue league and she weighed 43 lbs at 10 months, she is now 12 months and weighs 52. Like I said I startewd my dog on Nutro Ultra Puppy food, she did really well and I only switched her to Canidae because my research showed it was better. One thing that I think is important is to either wet the food a little or like most of us you'll find their once cute gas very offending put a scoop of yougart in with their meal they love it and it will soften it up and make it harder for them to suck down. My dog was eating so fast she would get the hiccups every time now she never gets them and she loves the yougart plus its cut down her emissions by 50% and the smell by 95%. Anyways you're doing a wonderful thing adopting good luck.

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What type of yougurt? Max will gulp his food down and gets hiccups EVERY time he eats. I am also feeding him Purina Puppy Chow, should I be feeding something different, I live in West Virginia and I'm not sure where to get any of the other types mentioned. We have a petland, walmart, southern states (not sure if they sell dog food), and Pet Supplies Plus, I have not looked there to see what they have.

This is my 1st boxer, and I too like all you other boxer owners want him to be healthy and give him the best that I can.

He will be 4 months old on the 29th and his weight is 29.1 pounds, is that good or is it too big/too little?

The breeder said his dad went around 85-90 pounds.


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I recently switched Buddy to the Canidae. He's doing really well on it and his coat is shinier and thicker. He's getting muscle tone now. I don't have to mix anything with it because he likes the taste by itself. Every now and then I'll pour broth or something over it to give him something different but I really don't have to. Good luck!
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