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I need fast help. The cat I adopted last night is not litter box trained and she's peeing on the bathroom floor and her bedding. The smell is horrendous.

I promised my husband this cat thing wouldn't get out of hand and now you can even smell it from outside the bathroom when the door is closed; how do you box train an adult cat? She hasn't pooped yet, only urinated all over everything so I can't do the "put the poop in the box" thing yet.

Any ideas? I'm doing my third load of laundry of cat blankets and towels; I can't keep the bathroom clean enough.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Tahnks!


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Elsa, my friend was adopted by a stray cat, we were not sure of her age,just that she seemed around 2 yrs old according to the vet. Anyway, she house trained it by using a crate. do you happen to have a spare on around??

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Elsa ,have you had her checked out by a vet, cats are usually so clean and only have bad toilet habits if they're unwell.hope this doesn't last long and you get it sorted out.

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You've probably tried this already but I've heard that with a kitten who needs a little help with the litter box you show it to them and hold their paws in and swish the litter around with their paws. Cats naturally want to bury their waste show showing them a good spot where they can do this *should* make them want to go there. However, if this is an adult cat who is used to going wherever it wants it make need a little more encouragement.
We've heard about keeping a puppy tethered to your waist to help in toilet training, would it be possible to do something like that with this cat? If it starts going to the bathroom while attached to you, say NO firmly and carry it to the litter box. Give it a treat while in the box and especially if it does anything in it. My cat began spraying when he got a urinary tract infection and hasn't stopped. I think he thinks it is a convenient and sure-fire way to get our attention. (it is!) I try ignoring him when he does this and we started praising him and giving him treats when he used the litter box. The spraying has gone down quite a bit, hopefully it is related!
I am not a trainer but these are just some suggestions, maybe something will work for you.
I think also that the suggestion to have the cat checked by the vet is a good idea. As I said above, my cat started spraying when he got an infection. It wouldn't hurt to rule out a medical problem.

I hope this helps! :)


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Elsa, Please check out the cat's health as the other's have suggested!

Be sure to clean the area the cat is urinating in with an enzyme cleaner you can get at any pet store.(Nature's Remedy,Simple Solution are 2 that come to mind) It removes the smell so even the cat can't smell it.

You may also want to try a different brand of litter than what you're using, something with or without fragrance, scooping or regular clay...

Good Luck!


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I think Deb's idea of changing the litter is a good one. I tried to change my cat's litter once and he refused to use it. You might even try dirt, as that is what the cat is used to. You could then gradually mix in kitty litter later.

A trip to the vet would also be a good idea, to rule out an infection.

Good luck,

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I think everyone has given great ideas. Yes, try the pushing the cats paws through the litter, even try dirt if the cat was outdoors, try putting some of her "stinky smell" in the litter too.

Cats are usually clean, I would have the vet check for a UTI maybe. They don't usually pee everywhere, cat pee is the grossest smell there is - I think males are worse when they spray, but females are stronger, get her fixed asap! It's very very hard to get rid of that cat smell once it gets into things. After she's fixed she won't smell so bad then and when you clean it up, the smell will go away too.

Is she a feral (sp?) cat? If so, some of them have WEIRD behaviors, she may just be making herself "at home", just keep up with all the tips and she will eventually stop as soon as she feels more comfortable.

...OH, I didn't know she was pregnant, she's probably ready to deliver, you do weird things when your in labor! that goes for humans too! ;) She may just have too much pressure on her bladder and it may be too hard to control, keep her confined to one area, and only use blankies you're willing to throw away! Good luck, I wish I lived closer, I would take one of those kitties!

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I read an article about a family who was about to give up their cat because it wouldn't use the litter box. It turned out to be the brand/type of litter. They tried several, until they found the one the cat preferred.
Maybe try a couple boxes (each with different litter) to find the one the cat will use. Cats can be very finicky and set in their ways.

Good luck!! :D


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OK. Try getting another box and put it in a more private place. Some cats do not like going where poeple can see. Maybe in the bathroom, But don't move the one you already have, just incase she wants to use that one. She may have been taught to use the Potty, keep the lid up.

Check under your bed or sofa for little "gifts" from the cat.

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I know it sounds crazy, (just like the commercial...) but my cat only likes Fresh Step! If I happen to get another brand, he kicks it out of the litter box, and poops and pees on the floor. Since you just got your cat, maybe she's scared and marking her territory. Or she could be ill. Better take her to the vet. Good luck.
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