Need Advice on Rescuing Stray

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Hi all! I need some advice. We have a wonderful 6 yr old boxer boy, Brinks. I have always wanted another boxer, but am back to work full time now, etc., and practically speaking it may not be the ideal time, but something has fallen into my lap.

My neighbor found what appears to be a stray fawn girl, who is very skinny and clearly neglected. I am going to meet her this evening, but he says she is very friendly and has just stuck by his side all day (he works outside). This dog has stolen my heart and I haven't even met her yet. He also said that when a friendly, but large, dog came by she hid behind him shaking....THAT concerns me. I know nothing about her.....if she's trained, dog friendly, nothing. We also have 2 teen boys at home. Am I nuts for even considering meeting this dog and bringing her into my home?! Since you're on here, I know you're as passionate about the boxer breed as I am, but I am very wary here. On the other hand, I am wondering if she was brought to us for a reason? Help!


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I would want to meet her too! I'm with you, sometimes things just happen and it seems like it's not the
Perfect time but it all works out. I'm sure there would be some adjustments to make and I know that teenagers take alot of time and care but maybe it would work. Boxers are wonderful in pairs!

Wishing you good luck and let us know how it goes:)


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I couldn't agree more!

She may be shy and a little scared for several reasons......don't know how she was treated before, she has not bonded with a human yet so she is on guard to protect herself - and being shy is much easier to work with than if she lunged or attacked the other dog, and other reasons that I wouldn't worry too much about. You may find that after a day or two, both of them will bond and she will look to him for guidance. She will gain more confidence if your boy is open to helping her. Most dogs just sense it and fall into that mentoring role very nicely.

For me, I wouldn't really think twice about taking this girl in. She seems very willing to bond with a human and just needs to build some confidence......which will come with your training and patience.


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I agree with the prior comments.

However, I am a little conflicted. If there is intentional neglect, I would not want to return it to a bad environment.

But then I wonder if some grief stricken responsible owner inadvertently lost their boxer and its condition is due to struggling on it's own out in the open.

Perhaps a compromise is to see if the stray was microtagged or listed as lost.


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I agree with everyone else. Sometimes things pop up and work out when you least expect it. I also agree with larrygs. The 4th of July was just 6 weeks ago and a lot of dogs take off from the noise of fireworks. There may be a distraught family somewhere looking for their lost girl. I would want to take a stray to the vet first thing anyway to have them checked for worms or other parasites. (You don't want to bring home anything to the dog you have already.) So while there have them check for a microchip.

PS If you do keep her be sure to post some pics!
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