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Hi, I have a new boxer puppy - she's all white - not a dark hair on her body. I'm having a terrible time thinking of a name for her - my husband wants Ali - but all I can think about is Ali McBeal! I would prefer a non-human name if you know what I mean - my other boxer I have right now is named Racer & before him we had another male, Router. I don't know why this is so difficult, I want her name to be special! I'm hoping that you all might have some suggestions for me - how about it??? Thanks! I'll let you know what we finally decide on.


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A rescue friend of mine has a boxer named Talulah, I think that's a GREAT name! How about Trixi, Jezebelle, Tasha, Shasta, Sadie. :)


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I've heard of a white boxer named Boo. I thought that was kind of cute!

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Bailey was named "Ali" from the breeder.

How about Ivory? Or to be different, Ebony?
WB (for white boxer)
Rosie (since your other dogs were R)

How about Speed? Then you've have Speed and Racer! :p :LOL:

Oh, I'm sure she'll "grow into" her spots. Almost all white boxers I've seen have some spots on their skin, and seem to get more as they age. :)


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Hi Belinda
i have a white female boxer named Avra,her name mean Aura,breath,light air.
i like the name Klio,Vera,Milou,Kali,Magic,Kari.
i remember the day that i took my little Avra.


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How about Casper, like Casper the Friendly Ghost or in this case the Friendly Boxer. I know it's a human name, but it's not very common, and is very appropriate for a white boxer.


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Re: Hey how about these

pleace can you tell me how did you do the flower?
i would put on my puppy photo.may i?
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